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New Seeds for Spring 2023

I am eager to get these out to you in time for the spring sowing season so instead of incorporating them in the main catalog

I will just list them here for you to order and descriptions will be slowly incorporated into the main catalog. 

There is a strong flavour of Southwestern United States in this list, as is a bit of Australia, that indicate my travels during the last year. Almost everything in the list is strongly drought tolerant for the Mediterranean climate garden, but you have to be careful with the cold hardiness with some of them - not to be afraid of if your soil drainage is good. Some rare bulb species are also to be found, mainly in the genera of Brodiaea and Calochortus. And as always a few new Salvias!

Let the desert beauties amaze you!

New Seeds for Spring 2023

Abronia fragrans 4€/20seeds SOLD OUT

Acacia constricta 4€/20seeds

Acacia cultriformis 5€/20seeds

Acacia decurrens 4€/20seeds

Acacia podarylifolia 5€/20seeds

Acacia redolens 3.5€/20seeds

Acacia smallii 4€/20seeds

Acacia willardiana 6€/20seeds

Amelanchier utahensis 5€/20seeds

Antirrhinum nutallianum 4€/20seeds

Aquilegia caerulea 3€/20seeds

Aquilegia elegantula 5€/20seeds SOLD OUT

Argemone platyceras 3.5€/20seeds

Argemone polyanthemos 4€/20seeds

Artemisia cana 4€/20seeds

Artemisia filifolia 3€/20seeds

Artemisia frigida 4€/20seeds

Artemisia tridentata 4€/20seeds

Asclepias asperula 6€/10seeds

Asclepias speciosa  3€/20seeds

Asclepias suberticillata 4€/20seeds

Astragalus adsurgens 4€/20seeds

Astragalus shortianus 4€/20seeds

Astragalus utahensis 4€/20seeds

Atriplex corrugata 5€/20seeds

Bahiopsis laciniata 4€/20seeds

Berberis haematocarpa 5€/20seeds

Berberis replicata 4€/20seeds

Bloomeria crocea 5€/20seeds

Brodiaea elegans subsp.elegans 5€/20seeds

Brodiaea kinkiensis 4€/10seeds  SOLD OUT

Brodiaea leptandra 4€/20seeds

Brodiaea orcutii 4€/20seeds

Caesalpinia mexicana 4€/10seeds

Caesalpinia pulcherrima 4€/10seeds

Calliandra eriophylla 5€/10seeds

Calochortus flexuosus 4€/20seeds

Calochortus gunnisonii 4€/20seeds

Calochortus weedii 5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Cassia covesii 3.5€/20seeds

Cassia nemophila 4€/20seeds

Cassia phyllodinea 4€/20seeds

Cassia sturtii 4€/20seeds

Caulanthus inflatus 4€/20seeds   SOLD OUT

Celtis ehrenbergiana 5€/5seeds

Centaurea rothrockii 4€/10seeds  SOLD OUT

Cercidium floridum 4€/10seeds

Cercidium microphyllum 4€/10seeds

Cercocarpus ledifolius 4.5€/20seeds

Cercocarpus montanus 4.5€/20seeds

Chlorogalum pomeridianum 4€/10seeds

Chrysothamnus nauseosus 4€/20seeds

Chrysothamnus vaseyi 3€/20seeds

Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus 3€/20seeds

Cirsium occidentale 3.5€/10seeds

Clarkia biloba 4€/20seeds

Clarkia buttae 3.5€/20seeds

Clarkia rubicunda 4€/20seeds

Clarkia speciosa 4€/20seeds

Clarkia tenella 3.5€/20seeds

Clarkia williamsonii 4€/20seeds

Collinsia heterophylla 4€/30seeds

Delphinium cardinale 5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Dicentra (Edgeworthia) chrysantha 7€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Diplacus (Mimulus) aurantiacus 3.5€/20seeds

Diplacus (Mimulus)puniceus 4€/20seeds

Engelmannia peristenia 4€/20seeds

Ephedra nevadensis 3.5€/20seeds

Eremalche parryi 4€/20seeds


Eriogonum crocatum 4€/20seeds

Eriogonum flavum 3.5€/20seeds

Eriogonum grande var.rubescens 4€/20seeds

Eriogonum grande var.timorum 5€/20seeds

Eriogonum heracleaoides 3€/20seeds

Eriogonum jamesii var.jamesii 4€/20seeds

Eriogonum racemosum 4.5€/20seeds

Eriogonum subalpinum 4.5€/20seeds

Eriogonum umbellatum 3€/20seeds

Erysimum capitatum 4€/20seeds

Eucalyptus caesia 4€/20seeds

Eucalyptus preissiana 4€/20seeds

Fouquieria splendens 4€/10seeds

Gaillardia pinnatifida 5€/20seeds

Galvesia juncea 5€/20seeds

Gossypium thurberi 5€/10seeds


Hedysarum boreale 3€/20seeds


Hesperaloe funifera 4€/10seeds

Hesperoyucca whipplei 3.5€/10seeds

Holodiscus dumosus 4€/20seeds

Hymenoxis acaulis 4€/20seeds

Hypericum canariense 5€/20seeds


Iliamna bakeri 5€/20seeds   SOLD OUT

Iliamna rivularis  3.5€/20seeds

Indigofera australis  5€/20seeds

Ipomopsis longiflora 4€/20seeds

Isomeris arborea  4€/10seeds   SOLD OUT

Kennedia beckxiana 5€/10seeds

Kennedia coccinea 5€/10seeds

Kennedia rubicunda 3.5€/10seeds

Larrea tridentata 3.5€/10seeds

Leptodactylon pungens 4€/20seeds

Lycium andersonii 4€/20seeds

Lycium excertum 4€/20seeds


Malosma laurina 4.5€/20seeds

Melampodium leucanthum 4€/20seeds


Menodora scabra  3€/20seeds


Mentzelia decapetala  3€/20seeds

Mentzelia multiflora 4€/20seeds

Mimosa dysocarpa 5€/20seeds

Mirabilis laevis var.crassifolia 4€/10seeds

Mirabilis multiflora 4€/10seeds

Monardella viminea 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Nolina microcarpa 4.5€/20seeds

Nolina siberica 4.5€/20seeds

Olneya tesota 4€/10seeds

Oxytropis lambertii 4€/20seeds

Oxytropis sericea 3.5€/20seeds

Penstemon acuminatus  3€/20seeds

Penstemon angustifolius  3.5€/20seeds

Penstemon angustifolius 4€/20seeds

Penstemon barbatus  3.5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Penstemon crandallii 4€/20seeds

Penstemon cyaneus  3€/20seeds

Penstemon glaber var.alpinus  3€/20seeds

Penstemon murrayanus 7€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Penstemon nitidus  3€/20seeds

Penstemon palmeri  3€/20seeds

Penstemon payettensis  3€/20seeds

Penstemon secundiflorus  3€/20seeds

Penstemon venustus  3€/20seeds

Penstemon virgatus  3€/20seeds

Penstemon wilcoxii  3€/20seeds

Prosopis juliflora 4€/5seeds

Prosopis pubescens 3.5€/10seeds

Psorothamnus spinosus 4€/10seeds

Purshia mexicana 4€/10seeds

Purshia glandulosa 3.5€/10seeds

Purshia stansburiana 3.5€/10seeds

Purshia tridentata 4€/10seeds

Rhus aromatica var. simplicifolia 3€/10seeds

Rhus copallina 3€/10seeds

Rhus glabra 3€/10seeds

Rhus integrifolia 4€/10seeds

Rhus lancea 3€/10seeds

Rhus trilobata 3€/10seeds

Ribes aureum 4€/20seeds

Romneya coulteri  4€/20seeds

Salvia clevelandii wild form  4€/30seeds

Salvia columbariae  4€/20seeds

Salvia mellifera 3.5€/30seeds

Salvia munzii 4€/30seeds

Simmondsia chinensis 4€/5seeds

Sphaeralcea ambigua orange form  3€/20seeds

Sphaeralcea munroana  3€/20seeds

Stanleya pinnata 3.5€/10seeds

Streptanthus farnsworthianus 5€/20seeds

Wyethia amplexicaulis 4€/20seeds

Wyethia helianthoides 4€/20seeds

Yucca schidigera 4€/10seeds

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