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Aethionema grandiflorum

General Seeds A-B

Amsonia tabernaemontana

This is my main seed list with perennials, shrubs, trees and annuals. Scroll through the list and also see the General Galleries for pictures.

Listings in green are new or returning for Autumn 2023.

General Seed List A-B

Acacia cognata 3.5€/20seeds

A small tree with an interesting weeping form and a light canopy that is very playful with the sun above. The species behind 'Cousin Itt'. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing but expect erratic germinnation anyways.

Acacia (Vachelia) constricta 4€/20seeds

The Whitehorn Acacia from the southwest USA (this one was collected near El Paso, Texas) is a beautiful small tough drought tolerant tree with yellow flowers in spring. In a Mediterranean garden I find the shade produced by airy Fabaceae trees invaluable for growing more sensitive shrubs underneath. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing.


Acacia cultriformis 5€/20seeds

A big shrub or small tree from Australia, this has both an abundant heavy flowering in late winter/early spring but also beautiful silver foliage. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing.

Acacia dealbata 3€/20seeds

A classic winter flowering species, used commonly in Mediterranean gardens, loved for its feathery foliage and sweet-smelling winter flowers in big bunches. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing.

Acacia decurrens 4€/20seeds

A bigger tree from New South Wales in Australia, this will grow fast and requires more water (or deeper soils) than western Australia species.  As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing.

Acacia  (Senegalia) greggii 3€/20seeds

Small deciduous tree with small leaves that gets covered with yellow flowers in late spring.

A southwest US native species, now placed into the genus Senegalia. Also known as the 'wait-a-minute bush'! As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing. Expect erratic germination with this one.

Acacia karoo 5€/20seeds

Slow in the beginning but as soon as it anchors itself onto the ground it creates an umbrella like tree with sweet scented late spring flowers and most importantly 10cm white spines that will protect it from giraffes (if you have them!) and are very ornamental nevertheless. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing. 

Acacia podalyriifolia 5€/20seeds

Grow this for the flowers and foliage equally. The silvery rounded leaves give interest to the plant all year long. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing.

Acacia redolens 3.5€/20seeds

Not a tree but a sprawling low shrub, this produces great groundcover even in full scorching sun and without needing any summer water. Yellow flowers in late winter and early spring. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing.


Acacia (Vachelia) smallii 3.5€/20seeds

syn. Acacia farnesiana

A large shrub to small tree, usually multi-stemmed from the base, flowering almost all year long but especially from autumn to spring, with very strongly scented flowers with a sweet aroma that drifts in cool air. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 24hours before sowing.

Acacia willardiana 3.5€/20seeds

I know it is hard to select one favorite Acacia, but if I had to, this would be it for sure. With the common name Palo Blanco in southern USA and Mexico, the white, papery, peeling bark of this species is the most impressive thing your dry garden can have. In addition, the beautiful airy foliage and the lemon yellow winter flowers add to the overall beauty of this species. I call it the desert birch, due to its resemblance to a birch tree. As with all Acacias you should soak the seed in luke warm water for 12 hours before sowing (don't leave this in the water too much or it will rot easily).

Acinos graveolens 4€/20seeds

A small perennial herb with a very strong minty scent and quite large for its size purple flowers in late spring and early summer. Very easy to grow.


Aciphylla aurea 5€/20seeds

One of the magnifiscent and peculiar speargrasses from New Zealand mountains, this long lived umbellifer produces palm like spiny leaves ( or yucca like if you prefer), that in summer will produce big flowering spikes of yellow flowers. Quite a sight when correctly grown.  Requires well drained soils and gloves to handle it! Should be sown in autumn and exposed to dam winter conditions for best germination and this would still be erratic. 

Aciphylla dieffenbachii 5€/20seeds

Forget all you know about the genus. This speargrass comes from the Chatham islands and has soft and not spiky foliage  that make it look more lush. The flowers are produces in big branched, more rounded inflorescences.  It is a coastal species so should handle more salinity. Germination is relatively fast from an autumn sowing.

Aciphylla glaucescens 5€/20seeds

Similar to A.aurea but the foliage is much thinner, needle like and greyish blue giving the name blue speargrass. Equally beautiful flowers.  Should be sown in autumn and exposed to dam winter conditions for best germination and this would still be erratic. 


Aciphylla scott-thomsonii 5€/20seeds

This is for New Zealand Apiaceae what Ferula communis is for Mediterranean Apiaceae. If you have grown any of the spiky New Zealand Aciphyllas and loved them, then imagine one in steroids! This reaches a height of 3 to 4 m when in flower! A spectacular sight, but you'll need to be a little patient before the first flowers are procuded.  Should be sown in autumn and exposed to dam winter conditions for best germination and this would still be erratic. 

Aethionema grandiflorum 3€/20seeds

Tough and long lived Aethionema that takes summer drought excellent. Gets covered in pink blossoms in spring.

Alcea rugosa 3€/20seeds

I am very fond of single species Alceas and this pink species tends to fight the rust more sufficiently than typical A.rosea does.

Aloysia gratissima 4€/20seeds

Related to the common herb, lemon verbena but quite unlike it. When it comes to Aloysia gratissiam, what it lacks in leaf scent it ains in flower aroma! The copious amount of flowers produced in flushes throughout spring to autumn, have a strong scented that to me is similar to almond blossom.  It is carried around the garden in still days.

Aloysia triphylla 3€/20seeds

The classic lemon verbena herb, produces a small shrub that from one hand, it is one of the ugliest looking plants alive but on the other hand, has one of the most amazing lemony leaf scents in the world.

Alyssoides utriculata 3.50€/20seeds

Perfectly suited to screes and rocky soils on a big rock garden or equally at home at a Mediterranean drought tolerant border with good air circulation, this useful shrublet has both vibrant yellow flowers and peculiar round seedpods in short stems above the leaves.

Alyssum lesbiacum 4€/20seeds

From a low mound of grey leaves rise tall stems of that carry clouds of yellow flowers in the summer. Drought tolerant but somewhat short lived. Nevertheless,it reseeds readily.

Alyssum montanum 3.5€/20seeds

A small subshrub with small grey leaves that gets covered in yellow flowers in spring. Drought tolerant.

Alyssum murale 3.5€/20seeds

Similar to the above but bigger, with green leaves and adjustable to more moist garden conditions.

Amelanchier utahensis 5€/20seeds

The Utah serviceberry, is a deciduous big shrub or small tree from western USA, that is drought tolerant once established. In spring hundreds of white flowers adorn its branches and are followed by pink fruit in late summer. Cold stratification needed for germination. 

Amsonia tabernaemontana 3€/20seeds

Long lived perennial with sky blue flowers in spring and linear leaves that turn yellow in autumn.

Anisacanthus quadrifidus ssp. wrightii red form 5€/20seeds

Tough and drought tolerant shrub from Texas that gets covered in red in the summer. I like to cut it back hard every year.

Anthyllis aurea 4€/20seeds

A small perennial suitable for a large rock garden or an irrigated gravel bed, as it grows in higher elevations where moisture is more readily available. Scarify or soak in warm water overnight and then cold stratify for a couple of months. 

Anthyllis barba-jovis 3€/20seeds

A Mediterranean shrub with silvery leaves that shine especially on young growth and lemon-yellow flowers in spring. Very drought tolerant and can be cut back when overgrown as it easily resprouts from hard wood. Scarify or soak in warm water for 24 hours.

Anthyllis hermanniae 4€/20seeds

A classic Mediterranean shrub that needs no summer water. Heavily branched stems with tiny leaves and turns into gold in spring when in flower. Good scent too. Scarify or soak in warm water for 24h.

Antirhhinum cirrhigenum 4€/20seeds

A small snapdragon with pink flowers, native to the Iberian peninsula and Morocco. No pretreatment needed.

Antirrhinum hispanicum 3€/20seeds

A short-lived perennial or annual snapdragon with interesting big pink flowers with yellow markings. No pretreament needed.

Antirrhinum molle 3€/20seeds

A smaller long-lived beauty forming small mats of (very brittle) stems and many small light pink flowers. No pretreament needed.

Antirrhinum nutallianum 4€/20seeds

Native to southern California and Baja, this annual or short lived perennial has twining stems that produce purple flowers. Best in half shady situations where the summer sunlight is strong. Grows readily and fast from seeds. No pretreament needed.

Antirrhinum pulverulentum 3.50€/20seeds

Creating a small brittle mat of green leaves, this is adorned almost all spring and summer long with light yellow flowers. It needs protection and a place where you can view it. No pretreament needed.

Antirrhinum siculum 3€/20seeds

A bigger species with classic white and yellow snapdragon flowers with a pink hue. If you have an old wall, it will find a place to live in any available crevice. No pretreament needed.

Aphyllanthes monspeliensis 5€/20seeds

Something between a blue-eyed grass and a fescue, this drought tolerant beauty from southern France suits perfectly the summer dry border and looks perfect in gravel. Sow in autumn. 

Aquilegia alpina 4€/20seeds

Very cold tolerant and drought tolerant at the same time, this small columbine creates mats of green foliage and perfectly formed purple blue flowers in late spring. Likes to grow on a slope. No pretreatment needed, sow in spring. 

Aquilegia barnebyi 4€/20seeds

A finely leaved species with uprights stems and small flowers of pink, red and yellow. No pretreatment needed.

Aquilegia buergeriana 3.5€/20seeds

A small species, ideally in a gravel bed or rock garden to appreciate it with bicolor purple and yellow flowers. Too cute! As all Aquilegia it is fast to germinate when sown in autumn or spring. No pretreatment needed, sow in spring. 

Aquilegia caerulea 3€/20seeds

The Rocky Mountain columbine is a clumping short-lived perennial that produces big white and sky blue flowers. It needs supplemental watering to survive in a Mediterranean climate and grows best in a gravel garden. No pretreatment needed, sow in spring. 

Aquilegia chrysantha ‘Denver Gold’ 3€/20seeds

The offspring of this well-known tough columbine all make great perennials that can withstand sun and drought better than any other Aquilegia. Up to 1m tall in flower. No pretreatment needed, sow in spring. 

Aquilegia vulgaris purple form 3€/20seeds

The classic blue/purple form of common columbine, I have collected this one in northern Greece and grow it well in my watered garden near Athens. Grows easily from seed and flowers in its second year. Quite long lived. No pretreatment needed, sow in spring. 

Aquilegia vulgaris white form 3€/20seeds

I am very fond of this pure white form of Aquilegia vulgaris, it just lights perfectly a semi shaded spot filling it with its white ‘butterflies’ in spring and early summer. Easy to grow and will self-seed easily. Grown separately from other forms to maintain the color but the occasional purple may occur. No pretreatment needed, sow in spring. 

Argemone hunnemanii 5€/20seeds   SOLD OUT

A Chilean spicies with silver spiny leaves and big white flowers with yellow stamens. Many Argemones look similar but almost all are great plants.  Sow in autumn. 

Argemone munita 4€/20seeds

Native to the western US, this poppy relative has huge fried egg flowers above spiny grey foliage. Usually biennial. Sow in autumn. 


Argemone platyceras  3.5€/20seeds

An annual or short lived perennial from Mexico, this has all the characteristics of the genus. Prickly silver foliage and big white poppy flowers. The silver spiny rosettes are equally beautiful with the plant in flower in my opinion.  Sow in autumn. 

Argemone pleiacantha 3€/20seeds

If you can stand its spiny leaves, this is a true beauty for the dry garden. Big white poppies with yellow centers.  Sow in autumn. 

Argemone polyanthemos 4€/20seeds

The bluestem prickly poppy, is a fast growing annual from the western USA that will seed around freely in your garden.  Sow in autumn. 

Artemisia cana 4€/20seeds

A drought tolerant sagebush from western and central USA. Silver foliage on its upright stems that will reach 1m in maturity.

Artemisia filifolia 3€/20seeds

Another sagebrush from western USA, this has very fine leaves and a more shrubby form. It reminds me of Artemisia californica but with more silve foliage. Very drought tolerant.

Artemisia frigida 4€/20seeds

The prairie sagewort, native to both Eurasia and USA is a shorter plant than the above, with silver foliage on mounded shrubs. When it flowers the stems elongate to about half a meter. Drought tolerant.

Artemisia tridentata 4€/20seeds

The big sagebrush, is a shrub from the Great Basin of the USA and quite different from other Artemisias. An actual shrub, it can reach 2meters in height depending on growing conditions and the very aromatic trilobed silver leaves make it stand out between others. Very drought tolerant.

Asarina (Lophospermum) erubescens ' Bridal Bouquet4€/20seeds 

From Mexico and can be grown as an annual or perennial depending on which climate zone you garden in, this twining climber will produce its big white flowers over a long time in late spring and summer.  It grows very fast in spring but slows down when summer temperatures rise. 

Asarina procumbens 3€/20seeds

Quite different from the rest in the genus, as this is not a climber but a sprawling plant with white and yellow snapdragon like flowers produced in between its felty leaves. Will take a few frosts and needs summer water.

Asclepias asperula 6€/20seeds

The spider milkweed from  southwestern United States, is a small perennial that in time will develop many flowering stems that each terminates in a umbell of big green and white flowers.  Drought tolerant once establisted but benefits from a few heavy waterings in summer as it would get in its native land. No pretreatment needed. 

Asclepias curassavica 3€/20seeds

A classic semi-tropical milkweed that can turn a bit weedy in a watered garden but seeds itself in the right places and attracts lots of butterflies. No pretreatment needed. 

Asclepias speciosa 3€/20seeds

The showy milkweed from western USA, especially abundant in California is an easy to grow longlived perennial with the most adorable pink flowers at the top of its stems in summer. Once established it is drought tolerant.  Sow in late winter, it will come up about a month later.

Asclepias subverticillata 4€/20seeds

The horsetail milkweek appears more like a shrub than a perennial and is native to the southwestern United States. White flowers are attractive to butterflies. Drought tolerant once established. No pretreatment needed. 

Asphodeline liburnica 4€/20seeds

An evening flowering species with branched flower spikes of yellow flowers. Great in a cottage garden. Sow in autumn.

Asphodeline lutea 3€/20seeds

An easy perennial for either summer dry or slightly wetter summer conditions with upright stems covered for a long time in spring with yellow flowers, followed by big round fruits. A staple in Mediterranean landscapes which can be found by the thousands especially in disturbed areas as the livestock won't touch it. Sow in autumn.

Asphodelus aestivus 3€/20seeds

The classic Mediterranean long lived perennial that covers acres of land throughout the eastern Mediterranean and flowers throughout spring for quite a long time. Sow in autumn.

Asphodelus albus 4€/20seeds

This species needs more moisture as it comes from the Balkan peninsula and higher elevations. The non-branched inflorescences with white flowers make it look like an Eremurus (so a good substitute if you can’t grow those due to warmer winters). Sow in autumn, cold stratification needed.

Asphodelus fistulosus 3€/20seeds

A small species with grassy upright foliage and pink flowers in spring. Can be a pest where it is not native so keep it under control by cutting back the flower stems before they fruit. Sow in autumn.

Asphodelus microcarpus 4€/20seeds SOLD OUT

Much similar to A.aestivus but flowers almost two months later, making it a very useful plant for dry gardens. Sow in autumn.


Astragalus adsurgens 4€/20seeds

The prairie milkvetch from Minnesota is a small perennial suitable for the rock garden or gravel bed. It can be drought tolerant when established due to its long tap root that will reach cooler ground. Cold stratification needed for germination.

Astragalus shortianus 4€/20seeds

The early purple milkvetch comes from the inner western United States, ranging from New Mexico in the south to Wyoming in the north.  All of these small mountain astragalus species will not be able to survive in flat ground in a Mediterranean climate and will require the cooling of nearby rocks for their roots so rockeries will be the ideal position for them. Cold stratification needed for germination.

Astragalus utahensis 4€/20seeds

The Utah milkvetc is another small perennial with vibrant purple flowers in spring that will require same conditions as the species above. Cold stratification needed for germination.

Aubrieta deltoidea 3€/20seeds

A form originally collected in the wild, this simple crevice plant is more dainty than the bold and somewhat extravagant modern varieties.

Bahia ambrosioides 4€/20seeds

A chilean small shrub with very finely dissected scented leaves and small bunches of white daisies in spring. Surprisingly drought tolerant and looking good even in the middle of summer.

Bahiopsis  laciniata 4€/20seeds

Native of San Diego county in California, the San Diego sunflower is a spreading shrub with yellow daisies in spring. Useful in a mixed shrub border and very drought tolerant. Sow in autumn, germinates easily. 

Baileya multiradiata 4€/20seeds SOLD OUT

The desert marigold, forms big mounds of grey leaves and is topped with yellow daisies in either spring or summer whenever water is available. Very drought tolerant.

Ballota acetabulosa 5€/20seeds

A classic Mediterranean plant with grey leaves and upright stems covered in small white flowers but the attractiveness of it comes from the big lime green calyces than in time turn brown. Easy filler in a summerdry garden.

Ballota hirsuta 4€/20seeds

Similar to B.hispanica but with more rounded leaves and tallerstems. Both are tough, long-lived plants.

Ballota hispanica 4€/20seeds

Soft aromatic foliage, no running habit, tough and drought tolerant but looks better with a bit of water throughout summer.

Ballota pseudodictamnus 5€/20seeds

Similar to B.acetabulosa but smaller in all parts, this makes more mounded plants, more heavily covered in leaves.

Bartlettina sordida 3€/30seeds

A late winter/spring flowering shrub that can grow to small tree porpotions in a favourable climate, this requires regular watering and feeding to produce good flower crop. Frost sensitive, although it will regrow from base after frost damage.

Bellardia trixago 3€/30seeds

A great meadow plant, this is actually a semiparasitic annual in Scrophulariaceae but it won't really damage the rest of your plantings. Attractive pink flowers in spring. Sow in situ in autumn.

Berberis replicata 4€/20seeds

From the Yunnan province of China, this is a big barberry with attractive shiny long leaves, red new growth, orange yellow flowers in late spring followed by red berries in autumn that slowly turn purple black. A generally tough plant, not requiring lots of water once established and perfect for a semi shady spot in the garden. Can attain a height of up to 4 meters at maturity and its habit is naturally arching.  Seeds germinate best with cold stratification.

Berlandiera lyrata 4€/20seeds

A western USA native, the chocolate lily has bright yellow black centered flowers all summer through autumn, needing only the occasional (once a month will suffice) watering to survive and bloom. It takes some time to establish but gets better every year.

Brachychiton bidwillii 5€/10seeds.

Either grown as a potted specimen or a garden small tree, this early flowering Brachychiton has rich red flowers on its bare stems in early spring. Frost sensitive.

Brachychiton discolor 5€/10seeds

A big upright tree with maple like leathery leaves. In my Mediterranean climate the leaves fall in April, to be followed by flowers in May and June and then it leafs up again. Beautiful trunk as well, as all in the genus.

Brachychiton populneus red form 5€/10seeds

This popular small upright tree looks better when the flowers are of red colour instead of the classic white/light pink and those seeds were collected from a very dark red cultivar so you’ll have better chances of growing one!

Brassica cretica ssp. aegea 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

I do believe this is one of the most beautiful Brassicas you can grow! Thick grey leaves that look like a succulent. Slowly forms a xeric shrub with big spikes of yellow flowers. Keep it as dry and sunny as possible in rocky soil for the best effect.

Brassica hilarionis 5€/20seeds

Similar to the above but flowering earlier and with white flowers instead of yellow. This is plant endemic to Cyprus. 

Brassicaceae sp. Lemon Foam 3€/20seeds

I’ve never been able to identify this Aurinia looking plant that I collected as seeds in a Colorado garden, but it is a very useful species in my gravel bed, for its compact green leaves and upright fluffy branched spikes of soft yellow flowers in spring. They have been happy and flowering well for 8 years now.

Bruckenthalia spiculifolia 3€/30seeds

A small heat for wet acid soils. Flowers in spring. Very convenient if you live in a bog!

Bukiniczia cabulica 4€/20seeds

You grow this rock garden beauty for its marble like rounded leaved foliage alone. It self-seeds in the rock garden or gravel bed.

Bystropogon canariensis 4€/20seeds   SOLD OUT

A small shrub from the Canary Islands, with scented foliage and looking like a white cloud when in full flower. Drought tolerant.

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