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Salvia bracteata
Salvia sp. Robin's Blue

Salvia Seeds

You’ve probably grown a few, but the genus Salvia can easily keep you busy trying new species for the rest of your life. From drought-tolerant shrubs to cushion forming rock garden plants and tropical leafy monsters that get covered in flowers, it’s impossible not to find a Salvia that can fulfill your gardening needs. They are very easy to grow from seed and in many cases reaching flowering within a year or two. Follow the salvia madness but beware, once you’re hooked, it’s for life!

Listings in green are new or returning for 2024.

Salvia sclarea var.turkestanica
Salvia x westerae 'Petra'
Salvia virgata blue form

Salvia Seed List

Salvia aegyptiaca 3.5€/20seeds

Not the showiest of plants, but rather a Salvia collector's item, this small herb produces many small light blue flowers and it can look a bit weedy.

Salvia adenophora 4€/20seeds

A very tall and robust species from Mexico, with arching stems up to 3 meters or more than need a support of a big shrub or fence to look its best. A multitude of red flowers appear from October till mid spring, so the lighter your winter the best the floral display. It will take frost as it will resprout from the base but essentially a light winter is needed to enjoy the flowers.

Salvia aethiopis 3€/30seeds

Coming from plains across the Balkans and Anatolia, this biennial will provide interest with its big silver leaves in the first year and huge candelabra inflorescences of hundreds of creamy white flowers in the second. It will self-seed in the garden so be aware of that when placing it.

Salvia apiana 3€/30seeds

The famous white sage of California, beloved for its amazing scent. It needs smoke treatment to germinate and grows into a large plant in time with up to 2m tall flower stems covered with white flowers over a long time. Make sure it doesn't get watered in summer otherwise tends to be short lived.

Salvia argentea, green leaves 3€/30seeds

This form of silver sage, originally collected in olive yards near Athens, has greener leaves that are not felty as the more classic grey form. It is a biennial and in order to reach its maximum potential should be sown in spring for flowering the next year. If it is positioned in a well-drained spot and the spent flowers removed before they set leaves it can live and flower another couple of years.

Salvia argentea, silver leaves 3€/30seeds

Similar to the above but with silver, very hairy, felty leaves. It is also more cold-hardy than the above, as this form is found in higher elevations naturally and tends to come back after flowering for more than two years.

Salvia barrelieri  3€/20seeds

One of the most beautiful of rosette forming species, with basal leaves and upright stems to more than 1m, covered with big blue and white flowers. Originates from Spain and Morocco.

Salvia 'Blue Note’ 3.50€/20seeds

A small rounded shrub with tiny leaves and hundreds of small purple-blue flowers for months on end. Comes true from seed.

Salvia bracteata 6€/10seeds

A rarity from Turkey but not very easy to grow, this is a challenings sage. It grows into a small subshrub with few stems clothed in hairy leaves and in spring it has 30cm long flowering stems that carry big orange pinkg flowers in whorls. Provide good drainage for longevity.

Salvia broussonetii 4€/20seeds

From the Canary Islands, this peculiar species has big aromatic leaves and gradually becomes a small shrub. White flowers in panicles are quite decorative. However, winter frost will damage its leaves and flowers, so best in a frost free climate.

Salvia canariensis var.candidissima 4€/20seeds

A much-loved Canarian species, with silver foliage and loads of pink and purple flowers in terminal bunches. It takes drought but it can live with summer water as well.

Salvia canariensis 'Alba'  4€/20seeds

Similar, yet so different from the above. Deep grean leaves  on thick stems that explode into big inflorescences full of green bracts and white flowers that stay in flower for a long time. One of my favourite shrubs for the summerdry garden, looking good and flowering for almost all year long.

Salvia candelabrum 4€/20seeds

A medium sized shrubby Mediterranean sage, with elongated entire leaves and long spikes of dark purple flowers with white markings. 

Salvia candidissima 5€/20seeds

A plant suitable for a gravel or rock garden in a colder climate as it doesn’t take well the summer heat of a Mediterranean climate because of its higher elevation origins. It generally resembles a very dwarf silver sage (S.argentea) to which it is related but with a more perennial character and mat forming habit.

Salvia caudata 3€/20seeds

A Mexican species with attractive blue and white flowers in autumn, this looks like a miniature S.mexicana. Very easy to grow and despite the fact it doesn't live for many years (usually 4-5 years in my garden) it self seeds readily, Regular watering in the summer.

Salvia ceratophylla 5€/10seeds

Occuring naturally from Israel to Afghanistan, this rosette leaved biennial looks like S.argentea, but with greener leaves and yellowish flowers. Quite attractive.

Salvia chamaedryoides (var.isochroma) 3€/20seeds

A small shrubby species from Mexico, with silver leaves and sky blue flowers. Treat it as you would do your S.greggii. It is happy in a summer dry situation or a watered spot in the garden.

Salvia x  'Chateau Cathare'  3€/20seeds

This shrubby Mediterranean species is a cross between S.officinalis and S.lavandulifolia that produces some viable seed. A low small silver leaved species with lavender flowers. Very drought tolerant.

Salvia clevelandii ‘Arroyo Azul’ (‘Baja’) 4€/30seeds

Very strongly leaf scented species –probably my most favorite Salvia scent in the world – this small shrub from Baja California where it was originally collected has green leaves and dark purple flowers in whorls along stems that rise above the foliage. Takes my Award of Mediterranean Garden Merit.

Salvia coccinea 3€/20seeds

An easy summer growing annual, S.coccinea will reward you with its coral red flowers over many months if it gets regular summer water. It will reseed itself easily in the garden and cover empty spaces between your perennial sages but it is easy to pull out unecessary seedlings.

Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph' 3.50 €/20seeds

Similar to the above, but the colour is a very pleasant pink that looks well in almost every colour combination. 

Salvia columbariae 4€/20seeds

A winter annual from many parts of the desert and Mediterranean climate southwest USA, this is an easy addition to your gravel area. With its typical whorled inflorescences and purple flowers and bracts, it is the perfect companion for other more colourful small annuals. Sow in situ in autumn. It will reseed itself for the next years.

Salvia cyanescens 3€/20seeds

Another Turkish favorite, S.cyanescens has rosettes of hairy silver leaves and multibranched spikes of light purple-blue flowers in spring. Very drought tolerant plant.

Self sows easily in a dry or gravel garden, and it is almost always welcome wherever it appears! 

Salvia darcyi 4€/20seeds

An impressive sage, requiring little care, like occasional water and a winter cut back, but rewarding with its continuously summer to autumn display of big red flowers on upright stem. Give it space as it will run underground in good soil. 

Salvia deserta  3€/20seeds

Similar looking to its closely related species S.nemorosa in the west, this originates from China and neighbouring countries and requires the same growingn conditions.

Salvia desoleana 3.50€/20seeds

From Sardinia, and with pungently aromatic leaves, this sage performs best under severe drought. Resembling a giant clary sage (Salvia sclarea) it has stems that will grow and remain upright (and up to 2 meters!) only without irrigation. Heavily flowering from spring through mid-summer, it is loved by bumblebees and bigger Hymenoptera – it is always fun to watch a group of them feeding from flower to flower.

Salvia dichlamys 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Of the mexican red Salvias that I grow, this must be the longest flowering one. Spring to autumn, and into winter if you don't get frost, it produces copious amounts of orange red flowers on well branched plants with a natural rounded form. Requires summer watering. 

Salvia disermas, pink variety 3€/30seeds

A South African sage that looks quite different from the rest of its relatives, this is a plant to put in a very sunny xeric position to make it attractive throughout the summer. The spikes of light pink flowers keep coming all summer long. The only negative would be the spent inflorescences that remain brown and dry on the plant, so give it a good shearing once in a while. Give it space as it likes to form big mounds.

Salvia dominica 4€/20seeds  

A pungent, grey foliaged shrub from Cyprus and the Middle East with hairy leaves and candy white and pink flowers in late winter and early spring. Very drought tolerant once established. Sown in autumn, it will germinate and grow fast. 

Salvia dorrii  5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A small shrub from the deserts of western US. Heavily branched and covered with small silver leaves that provide the perfect backgroud for the spring azure flowers arranged  in tight whorls on short stems. Give it ruthless heat and cold, just don't give it much water.

Salvia duriifolia x rypara 4€/10seeds

A small shrubby salvia with many wiry stems rising from the base and many jewel like small azure flowers. Nice filler for the front of the salvia border and combines well with bigger flowers.

Salvia eigii 3.5€/20seeds.

A herbaceous perennial species from Israel than in time can develop a woody base. Easy in a watered or dry location. Self-seeds readily.

Salvia eremostachya 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Another western US native tolerant of extreme drought, this looks more like a small 'Allen Chickering' but with greener leaves and white/blue flowers instead of purple. Great leaf scent.

Salvia farinacea 'Henry Duelberg'  4€/20seeds

I don't really like the common bedding S.farinaceas that are out in the market but this is way different. It has a more natural habit and looks great in any planting combinations, flowers over a long time and most importantly comes back reliably every year as it is a true perennial.

Salvia frigida 5€/20 seeds

A Turkish species looking like a tiny version of S.argentea, to which it is closely related.

Salvia fruticosa ‘Alba’ 4€/20seeds

A most popular sage in the Mediterranean for its use as an aromatic herbal tea, this is also a useful plant for a completely xeric garden, as it will not withstand watering during the summer. Or it will and then suddenly die. My selection of this species, with pure white flowers.

Salvia fruticosa blue form 4€/20seeds

I originally collected this form of S.fruticosa in Cyprus, where most plants tend to be blue compared to the typical pink you see in most of Greece. They also have much smaller leaves. It naturally grows into a beautiful rounded shrub. 

Salvia gilliesii 4€/20seeds

I originally collected this one in northwestern Argentina, where it was beautifully flowering alongside roads in Salta province. It can take some drought but it looks best with occasional summer watering. Quite hardy and a beautiful display of autumn blue flowers.

Salvia greggii 'Alba'  4€/20seeds

The pure white form of Salvia greggii. A very tough plant, equally tolerant of dry or more mesic conditions, it will reward you with its hundreds of white flowers almost all year long.

Salvia greggii 'Furman's Red 4€/20seeds

A dark pink/red form of this very adaptable species. A continuous display of flowers, spring to autumn.

Salvia heldreichiana 6€/20seeds SOLD OUT

The true S.heldreichii from Turkey, which has nothing to do with what goes around in the commerce under this name.  A small shrub with big blue light blue flowers. Great for a rockery or gravel garden.

Salvia henryi 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A southern native of the US, this canyon dweller looks more like an Agastache to my eyes instead of a Salvia. Red flowers, loved by hummingbirds appear in spring and summer when water is available. 

Salvia hierosolymitana 4€/20seeds

Similar to S.eigiii, but the loyal Salvia grower will grow both of them to see the differences. Similar growing conditions apply.

Salvia hypargeia  5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A very hardy Turkish species, best suited for the gravel or rock garden as it requires good drainage and little or no summer water. Small silver leaves create a small mat, above which rise upright stems or laveneder/blue flowers in late spring. 

Salvia indica 3€/20seeds

A stunning Salvia, behaving as  a biennial or a perennial if the conditions are right. Basal hairy leaves and 1m tall branched spikes with beautiful markings. Wouldn't live without this sage as the excitement of the new hairy flower stems pushing upwards from the foliage is one of my great joys in the summerdry garden.

Salvia interrupta 3.50€/20seeds

This is probably my most favorite drought tolerant shrubby sage. Very full clumps of lime green leaves that get bigger and flatter in time and can cover a whole square meter from which rise spikes of big fat sky blue flowers in spring. Wouldn’t garden without it!

Salvia iodantha 'Louis Saso'  3.5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A cold sensitive big shrubby species from Mexico for the watered garden. Give it very protected spot as its flower display is mainly during winter.

Salvia judaica 4€/20seeds 

Related to S.verticillata, which you can understand by closer examination of its flowers, this small perennial from the eastern Mediterranean had bright purple flowers in whorls in spring. For me it tends to go dormant and underground during summer. Very drought tolerant.

Salvia jurisicii 3€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A very different looking salvia from Bulgaria, with leaves that are finely dissected and spikes of hairy flowers during late spring. Very long lived once established and increasing in size steadily. Suits a rock garden and gravel garden equally.

Salvia kopetdaghensis 3€/20seeds 

syn. Salvia atropatana

A herbaceous perennial with large basal leaves and upright stems of nemorosa type flower spikes of light purple. This will benefit from some summer water and will reward you with recurring flushes of flowers in the summer.

Salvia lanigera 3.5€/20seeds

I originally collected this in Cyprus but it grows all over the eastern Mediterranean . Short lived but it seeds readily around. Mainly late winter and early spring flowering. It needs a more mass display and brighter companion plants to appreciate the blue flowers and silver leaves. 

Salvia lavandulifolia subsp.vellerea 4€/20seeds

Quite different from all other S.lavandulifolia subspecies, this has wide silver leaves and short stems of light purple flowers. It requires drought and good drainage in summer otherwise it tends to be short lived.

Salvia leptophylla  4€/20seeds

(syn.S.reptans upright form)

A favorite summer flowering salvia with multiple upright stems clothed in small leaves and hundreds of small dark blue flowers that give it an airy appearance. Cut back hard in winter. It will do fine with weekly watering once established.

Salvia macrophylla 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A water requiring speceis from Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, this does need a protected position in the garden from both strong sun and frost. Big beautiful leaves with purple undersides and small spikes of bright blue flowers.

Salvia melissodora  3.5€/20seeds

A medium upright shrubby species gradually forming a wood stem, with thousands of small blue and white flowers in late summer and autumn, with an amazing scent of grapes. Needs summer watering, although less than other South American species.

Salvia mellifera 3.5€/30seeds

If there is one scent that I have combined with California during my student years there, it is that of Salvia mellifera, the Black Sage.  Whether you pass by it, accidentally step on it, or just drive by it in a warm summer day, that scent is  pure bliss.  Apart from the aromatic foliage, it is a tough and beautiful shrub that will all the drought you can give to it during summer without complains. Smoke treatment aids germination. 

Salvia mexicana 'Limelight’ 3.50€/20seeds  

As the name suggests, a Mexican species that forms big multibranched shrubs within one growing season that in autumn are topped with big fat spikes of purple/blue flowers with very contrasting lime green calyces. I prefer to keep it 2/3 years and then take cuttings again as it tends to get woody in time. I also pinch it several times during the growing season in order to make very branched shorter shrubs and thus achieve the maximum amount of flower spikes. Sow in autumn. Stratification and smoke treatment may trigger germination in this species which has a natural poor rate germination.

Salvia microphylla 'Red Velvet' 3€/20 seeds

A classic microphylla selection with blood red flowers with black calyces (hot weather will change the calyces to green). Fast growing and always in flower.

Salvia microphylla x darcyi ‘Penny’s Smile’ 3.50€/20seeds

Imagine a pink microphylla on steroids, this is a fast-growing big leaved selection with extra large magenta pink flowers. An amazing plant and richly flowering all year long.

Salvia miniata 4€/20seeds

Originating in Belize and Chiapas, Mexico, this small shrubby species has shiny green leaves and vibrant red flowers in autumn. Requires water and good soil, and does best for me in a semi shady position in our Mediterranean climate.

Salvia x 'Montagne del' Hortus' 3€/20seeds

A shrubby Mediterranean sage with escellent drought tolerance and good cold hardiness, traits it gains from its parents S.fruticosa and S.officinalis. 

Salvia moorcroftiana 3€/20seeds

A short lived species from Nepal and Pakistan, quite cold tolerant and requiring some summer water. It's 'cloud' display of lavender flowers is quite breathtaking.

Salvia multicaulis 5€/10seeds  SOLD OUT

A ground hugging shrub with upright stems of purple flower, but 
the expanding burdundy bracts that follow flowering is what makes is most spectacular. Needs a dry location in the gravel or rock garden.

Salvia munzii 4€/30seeds

Another Californian sage, this oneis from northern Baja and a pleasantly scented leaf shrub with purple flowers in spikes in spring. Smoke treatment aids germination. 

Salvia napifolia 3€/20seeds

An eastern Mediterranean species, with much rounder leaves than S.verticillata and light purple whorled spikes in spring. I find it blends well with so many other plants and it is a great gap filler, selfseeding pleasantly in the garden. Very drought tolerant but will repeat flower if watered in the summer.

Salvia nilotica  3€/20seeds

An east African species with scented leaves and a display of lavender blue flowers with dark calyces mainly in summer and autumn. It does best with occasional summer water.

Salvia officinalis wild form 3€/20seeds

The true species that has gradually 'evolved' into the dozens of italian sage varieties we grow today. It has a natural color variation in flower colour, from white to pink and purple.

Salvia oxyphora 4.5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A Bolivian sage with the most amazing big magenta pink flowers mainly in autumn. Needs good soils and summer water, as well as some protection from very strong sun in a Mediterranean climate.

Salvia palaestina 4.50€/20seeds

An interesting perennial species from the Middle East, with basal serrated leaves and 1m branched spikes of S.sclarea looking flowers. 

Salvia phlomoides 5€/20seeds

From Spain and Northern Africa, this small species is best suited to the rock or gravel garden. The most amazing dark purple flowers contrast well with its silver foliage. Not the easiest thing to grow well, you'll need some good experience with Mediterranean sages to grow this one.

Salvia pinnata 5€/20seeds SOLD OUT

An exquisite subshrubby sage from Turkey, with deep green hairy leaves and big fat pink flowers very early in the season on contrasting burgundy calyces. In my warm Mediterranean garden, the flowering season starts as early as February and lasts a couple of months.

Salvia pisidica  5€/20seeds

A small shrubby species from Turkey that looks great in a gravel bed to appreciate its beautiful blue flowers. Cold and drought tolerant.

Salvia pomifera subsp. calycina 3€/20seeds

One of the most pleasantly aromatic of the Mediterranean shrubby sages, this is also used as a tea (don’t overboil the dry leaves as your tea might turn sour) around the eastern Mediterranean. Otherwise just leave the big grey leaves on the plant to enjoy. Forget about watering it in the summer, as that can kill it in days, or make the plant generally shorted lived. Very useful as it does great in dry shady situations in problematic spots such as under pine trees!

Salvia pomifera subsp. pomifera 3€/20seeds

Similar to the above but the colours on the flowers of this subspecies are even more intense. It also forms a bushy plant, with more natural branching.

Salvia pomifera subsp. pomifera ‘Alba’ 6€/20seeds.

My selection of the species with lime green calyces and big pure white flowers. One look and you’ll fall in love with it.

Salvia pomifera x ringens 4€/10seeds

I consider this to have some of the biggest individual flowers of any Mediterranean species. A few branches from a basal stem and 1m tall spikes of purple flowers. Drought tolerant.

Salvia potentillifolia blue form 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Similar to S.pisidica and also from Turkey, this mainly differs in its heavier branching habit and the silver trilobed leaves. Plant it in the rock garden or gravel bed for best results.

Salvia pratensis ssp. haematodes 3€/20seeds

Much different than any other S.pratensis you’ve grown, this Cretan subspecies has big basal leaves that lay flat on the ground and give rise to over 1m tall branched candelabra spikes of relatively big sky blue flowers with white details. It disappears between other plants when flowering is finished.

Salvia pratensis ‘White Swan’ 3€/20seeds.

I grow this in the dry garden and it manages to survive and flower well, but I admit that some summer watering will make it look better and flower for a longer period of time.

Salvia radula 3€/30seeds

This South African species looks best when grown in full sun and periodically irrigated in the summer, although otherwise it is very drought tolerant. Full sun will ensure upright stems that won’t flop and showcase the white flower spikes in maximum.

Salvia recognita 4.50€/20seeds

Another Turkish Salvia, that you will love if you’re not already in love with it. Sub shrubby species, with foliage that creates a mat on the ground and from which tall 1m spikes with baby pink flowers rise. A stunner and the most successfull item in my Salvia list

Salvia ringens 4€/20seeds

I simply wouldn’t live without this Greece and Balkan endemic species that takes heat and cold as no other. Ferny low foliage and 1m high spikes of big fat blue flowers.

Salvia russellii 5€/20seeds

Closely related to S.verticillata and S.judaica, this Turkish species has apple green rounded oval basal leaves and upright stems of blue flower in whorls. Drougt tolerant.

Salvia rypara 4€/20seeds

I collected this species in Salta, Argentina where it was very common and looking rather leggy, but it has behaved great in my watered garden. Months of flowering with light blue flowers.

Salvia scabra 3€/20seeds

A small South African species with low foliage and dozens of stems carrying long purple flowers for months on end. Drought tolerant but will take regular summer water as well.

Salvia sclarea var. sclarea 3€/30seeds

There are quite a few clary sage selections out there, but I especially love this classic Greek native pure subspecies. It stays short, it is reliably perennial and it has a very upright habit. Humble, but more natural compared to the next two.

Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica 3€/30seeds

Definitely flashier than the above with taller stems, bigger leaves and huge flowerheads that unfurl as they form. 

Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica 'Alba’ 3€/30seeds

As above but with pure white flowers and bracts.

Salvia spathacea 4.00€/10seeds

Very distinctive Californian sage, perfect for a semi shady situation. Actually of the few drought tolerant sages that prefer shade over sun. This selection has coral red flowers. 

Salvia staminea 3€/20seeds

Resempling a lot the widely spread S.virgata, this white flowered perennial is found naturally from Turkey to Iran. It needs good drainage and occasional summer water to grow well. Very cold tolerant too.

Salvia stenophylla 3.5€/20seeds

A southern Africa species with good drought tolerance, this actually looks more like a shrubby Teucrium instead of a sage. Tiny leaves and small blue flowers in spring and early summer.

Salvia spinosa 4€/20seeds

A curiosity but still quite beautiful! A Turkish biennial species with basal leaves and a big rounded branched inflorescence of white flowers on lime green calyces. 

Salvia subrotunda 4.5€/20seeds

A South American short lived perennial that I treat as an annual here in our Mediterranean climate. From a spring sowing, it puts on leafy growth during summer and puts on a big display of tiny red flowers on longs spikes during late summer and autumn. Needs regular summer watering. It will self sow for next year.

Salvia taraxacifolia 4€/20seeds

An amazing small sage from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this forms beautiful rosettes of grey spiny leaves from which rise short spikes of light pink flowers. It can take drought and will reflower when it receives water.

Salvia tingitana 3.50€/20seeds

A very tough plant, Salvia tingitana has big clary sage like leaves on upright stems that explode into beautiful big inflorescences of white flowers that can literally cover the plant in spring and early summer. You can easily cut it back low when it grows too big and it will regrow from the base.

Salvia tomentosa 4€/20seeds

A species from Turkey and Greece resembling the S.officinalis but forming more rounded shrubs with round leaves and flowers in a range from white to purple. Drought tolerant but I prefer to put it in a place where it gets some shade in the afternoon to ensure longevity. It does the same in nature as it usually found in forest edges and openings.

Salvia verbenaca 3€/20seeds

Quite a weedy species, but it looks very natural if left to do its thing in the more ‘wild’ part of the garden.

Salvia verticillata 3€/30seeds

My collection of the wild form of the whorled sage in the Peloponnese which is much different than the popular cultivars like ‘Purple Rain’. Basal leaves that form a nice clump and very upright spikes of light purple flowers. Much more drought tolerant as well so suited for a xeric border.

Salvia virgata, bicolor form 4€/20seeds

There’s quite a few S.virgata selections out there (and a dozen other that go around the trade as different Salvia species) but this is the true thing and I’ve selected two particularly ornamental varieties that generally come true from seed (if they won’t cross with something else). In this one, the foliage stays low and flat on the ground and the branched spikes have big blue and white bicolor flowers. It gets better with years.

Salvia virgata, dark purple form 4€/20seeds

Another of my S.virgata selections, again with low foliage and firework like spikes of dark blue flowers. Both varieties will take extreme drought in the summer.

Salvia virgata, light purple form 3€/20seeds

A light purple version of this species, which is actually the most common form one finds in nature. 

Salvia virgata, white form 4€/20seeds

This year I have collected seed from yet another virgata in my dry garden, this time with pure white flowers. Typical low flat foliage as the rest of my selections. Some of your plants will not be white, as they cross with each other easily, but that’s part of the fun.

Salvia viscosa 3€/30seeds

A great gap filler in the garden as the basal rosette of leaves doesn’t take much space but it explodes in a multitude of branched stems with hundreds of small burgundy flowers. Cut back after flowering and it disappears till next year. Self sows readily.

Salvia x jamensis.

Here´s a selection of seed taken from x jamensis cultivars. They won´t 
necessarily come all true from seed, but you´ll definitely get some interesting colors as they like to hybridize with each other and I grow a lot of different ones in the garden together.

Salvia x jamensis ‘Clotted Cream’  4€/20seeds 

Salvia x jamensis  'Golden Girl' 4€/20seeds  

Salvia x jamensis 'Heatwave Blast' 4€/20seeds

Salvia x jamensis ‘Heatwave Blaze’  4€/20seeds 

Salvia x jamensis 'Heatwave Glimmer'  4€/20seeds 

Salvia x jamensis ‘Shell Dancer’  4€/20seeds 

Salvia x jamensis  Star Berry  4€/20seeds  my own selection of a profuse flowering big cranberry coloured shrub, one of my favorite varieties in this group.

Salvia x jamensis ‘Ultra Violet’  4€/20seeds 

Salvia x westerae ´Petra´ 3.50€/10seeds

I am excited about this big shrubby hybrid Salvia. With leaves like a S.leucantha when young that develops into a big bush by fall when it is covered with lipstick red flowers. In a cooler summer climate, it will flower for a longer time.

Salvia sp. Robin’s Blue 3€/30seeds

Originally given to me by the late Robin Middleton from the UK (admittedly one of the greatest and most passionate Salvia growers I have met). It looks like a cross between pratensis and transylvanica but it is a true species that I have forgotten the name of. Easily grown and beautiful in my watered garden, albeit a big short lived but grows 
readily from seeds and cuttings.


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