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Welcome to my new bulb list! Scroll to the end for ordering instructions.

(* not all geophytes are bulbs. However for easiness, I call them all bulbs in this list)

Update Sep. 10. Items in red have now broken dormancy and will be available again summer 2024.

Acis autumnalis--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Acis autumnalis 'September Snow'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Acis autumnalis var.oporanthus--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Albuca flaccida--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Albuca maxima -------- 14€ for 3 bulbs

Albuca tortuosa--------9 €for 1 bulb

Allium aff.cupani --------15€ for 3 bulbs

Allium crenulatum--------14 €for 3 bulbs SOLD OUT

Allium callimischon subsp.callimischon--------12€ for 3 bulbs

Allium flavum subsp.tauricum--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Allium 'Forelock'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Allium gomphrenoides--------12 €for 1 bulb

Allium guttatum white form--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Allium haematochiton--------16 €for 3 bulbs

Allium ionicum--------14€ for 3 bulbs  SOLD OUT

Allium macedonicum--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Allium meteoricum--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Allium myrianthum--------8 €for 1 bulb

Allium pallens--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Allium rubrovittatum--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Androcymbium eucomoides--------14 €for 1 bulb

Arisarum vulgare--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana angustifolia--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana fourcadei--------12€ for 3 bulbs

Babiana inclinata--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana nana--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana purpurea pink form--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana pygmaea--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana rubrocyanea--------18 €for 3 bulbs  SOLD OUT

Babiana stricta magenta form--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana stricta purple form--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Babiana tubaeformis--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Bellevalia dubia--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Bellevalia hyacinthoides--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Bellevalia pycnantha--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Bellevalia romana--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Bellevalia trifoliata--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Brodiaea californica--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Brodiaea californica giant pink form--------6 €for 1 bulb

Brodiaea coronaria--------6 €for 1 bulb

Brodiaea insignis--------6 €for 1 bulb

Brodiaea kinkiensis--------7 €for 1 bulb

Brodiaea purdyi--------7 €for 1 bulb

Bulbinella latifolia subsp.doleritica--------7 €for 1 bulb ------18 €for 3 bulbs

Bulbinella nutans--------7 €for 1 bulb ------ 18 €for 3 bulbs

Calochortus uniflorus--------5€ for 3 bulbs

Calostemma purpureum--------25 €for 1 bulb

Chasmanthe aethiopica--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Chasmanthe bicolor--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Colchicum cupanii--------18 €for 3 bulbs

Crocus cartwrightianus--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Crocus cartwrightianus white form--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Crocus hadriaticus--------15€for 3 bulbs

Crocus laevigatus--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Crocus ochroleucus--------6€ for 3 bulbs

Crocus pulchellus--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Crossyne guttata--------70 €for 1 bulb

Cyanella hyacinthoides--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Cyanella orchidiformis--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Cyclamen africanum--------8 €for 1 bulb  ------- 20 €for 3 bulbs

Cyclamen graecum --------7 €for 1 bulb --------  18 €for 3 bulbs

Cyclamen graecum ‘Album’--------20€ for 3 bulbs

Cyclamen graecum subsp.candicum--------8 €for 1 bulb -------- 20 €for 3 bulbs

Cyclamen hederifolium ‘Silver Leaf’ different forms--------15€ for 1 bulb

Cyclamen persicum --------5 €for 1 bulb -------- 12 €for 3 bulbs

Cyclamen rohlfsianum--------8 €for 1 bulb -------- 20 €for 3 bulbs

Dichelostemma capitatum giant form--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Dichelostemma capitatum white form--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Dichelostemma congestum--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Dichelostemma ida-maia--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Dichelostemma multiflorum--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Dichelostemma volubile--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Dipcadi serotinum--------7 €for 1 bulb  ------- 18 €for 3 bulbs

Drimia haworthioides--------12 €for 1 bulb

Ferraria crispa vanilla scented form--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Ferraria crispa var.nortieri--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Ferraria crispa with dark edges--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Ferraria crispa with dark yellow frills--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Ferraria divaricata soft brown--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Ferraria divaricata var.arenosa--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Ferraria divaricata with brown edges--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Freesia fergusoniae--------10 €for 3 bulbs SOLD OUT

Freesia fucata--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Freesia leichtlinii--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Freesia refracta--------10€ for 3 bulbs

Freesia verrucosa--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Freesia viridis--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Geissorhiza corrugata--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Geissorhiza inflexa var. erosa--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Geissorhiza monanthos--------18 €for 3 bulbs

Geissorhiza radians--------10 €for 3 bulbs  SOLD OUT

Geissorhiza splendidissima--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Geissorhiza tulbaghensis--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Geranium libani--------10€ for 1 bulb

Gladiolus carneus--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Gladiolus italicus 'Albus'--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Gladiolus tristis--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Gladiolus tristis Purple and Red--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Gladiolus tristis Purple Stripe--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Gladiolus tristis Red Stripe--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Gladiolus undulatus--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Haemanthus coccineus--------35 €for 1 bulb

Herbertia lahue--------10€ for 3 bulbs

Herbertia pulchella--------10€ for 3 bulbs

Hesperantha bachmanii--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Hesperantha cucullata--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Hesperantha oligantha--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Hesperantha pilosa--------16 €for 3 bulbs

Hesperantha vaginata--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Hyacinthoides algeriense--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Hyacinthoides flahaultiana--------14€ for 3 bulbs

Hyacinthoides italica--------13 €for 3 bulbs

Hyacinthoides lingulata var.ciliolata--------8 €for 1 bulb  -------- 20 €for 3 bulbs

Hyacinthoides mauritanica--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Hyacinthoides reverchonii--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Hyacinthoides vicentina--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Ipheion (Nothoscordum) dialystemon--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Ipheion (Tristagma) sellowianum--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Ipheion sessile--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Ipheion uniflorum 'Alberto Castillo'--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Ipheion uniflorum 'Jessie'--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Ipheion uniflorum ‘Rigel’--------8€ for 3 bulbs

Ipheion uniflorum ‘Tessa’--------5€ for 3 bulbs

Iris aucheri--------8 €for 3 bulbs  SOLD OUT

Iris 'Dushanbe'--------10 €for 1 bulb

Iris chamaeiris--------9 €for 1 bulb

Iris hoogiana 'Hippolyta'--------7 €for 1 bulb  SOLD OUT

Iris mesopotamica--------9€ for 1 bulb  

Iris ´Onlooker´ (arilbred) --------9 €for 1 bulb

Iris pseudopumila--------9 €for 1 bulb

Iris reichenbachii purple form--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Iris subbiflora--------9€ for 1 bulb

Iris ‘Theseus’--------10€ for 1 bulb

Iris tuberosa 'Smokie'--------8 €for 1 bulb20 €for 3 bulbs

Ixia dubia orange form--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Ixia paniculata--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Ixia pumilio--------7€ for 3 bulbs

Ixia ramulosa--------14€ for 3 bulbs

Ixia rouxii--------- 14€ for 3 bulbs

Lacenalia calcicola--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia arbuthnotiae--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia bachmanii--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia bulbifera--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia calcicola--------15€ for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia elegans var.suaveolens--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia matthewsii--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia mutabilis--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia nervosa--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia pallida--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia pusilla--------16 €for 3 bulbs SOLD OUT

Lachenalia unicolor--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Lachenalia unifolia--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Lapeirousia anceps--------12€ for 3 bulbs

Lapeirousia (Codonorhiza) corymbosa--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Lapeirousia divaricata--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Lapeirousia fabricii--------12€ for 3 bulbs

Lapeirousia jacquinii--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Lapeirousia oreogena--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Lapeirousia pyramidalis--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Miersia chilensis--------9 €for 1 bulb   ------- 22 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea aristata--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea bellendenii--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea bipartita--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea ciliata--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea comptonii--------13 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea flaccida--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea fugax--------10 €for 3 bulbs  SOLD OUT

Moraea gigandra--------15 €for 3 bulbs SOLD OUT

Moraea lewisiae--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea lurida--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea miniata--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea ochroleuca--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea pendula--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea polyanthos--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea polystachya--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea pritzeliana -------- 12€ for 3 bulbs

Moraea setifolia--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea simulans--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea sisyrinchium--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Moraea tricuspidata--------15 €for 3 bulbs  SOLD OUT

Moraea vegeta--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Muscari leucostomum (from Turkmenistan)--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Muscari macrocarpum--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Muscari muscarimi--------8 €for 3 bulbs  SOLD OUT

Muscari pulchellum--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Muscari (Leopoldia) weissii--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Narcissus ‘Arctic Bells’--------5€ for 3 bulbs

Narcissus bulbocodium--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Narcissus viridiflorus--------14€ for 1 bulb

Notholirion thompsonianum--------6 €for 1 bulb 

Odontostomum hartwegii--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Onixotis stricta--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Orhithogalum arabicum--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Ornithogalum caudatum (O.longibracteatum)--------6 €for 1 bulb

Ornithogalum conicum--------16€ for 3 bulbs

Ornithogalum nutans--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Ornithogalum suaveolens--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis adenodes--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis ambigua--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis annae--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Apricot Pie'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis arenaria--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis attaquana--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Beery'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis bifurca--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Blood'--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Boaz'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis bowiei--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis brasiliensis--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis brasiliensis 'Pinky White'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis bullulata--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis burkei--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis callosa--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Candy Box Cherry'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis caprina--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis cathara--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis cathara 'Lemon Light'--------13 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis cathara Yellow form--------13 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Cinderella'--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis clavifolia--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis commutata--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis comosa--------15 €for 1 bulb

Oxalis compressa double form--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis compressa single form--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis convexula--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Cream Pie'--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis cripiflora--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Dado'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis dentata--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis dichotoma--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Dikush'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis eckloniana--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Edelweiss'--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis engleriana--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis fabaefolia--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis fergusoniae--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Firebird'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flabellifolia--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flaculata--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flava--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flava large form (var.lupinifolia)--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flava pink form--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flava 'Tripot'--------16 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flava var.pectinaria--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flava white form--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis flaviuscula var.longifolia--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Fluorescent Yellow'--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis fragrans--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Galaxy'--------18 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra double form--------10 €for 3 bulbs SOLD OUT

Oxalis glabra 'Feather Cloak'--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra 'Pink Show'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra 'Pinky White'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra 'Snowbell'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra 'Stardust'--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra 'Watercolor'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis glabra 'Winter Dream'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Glisten'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Golden Cape'--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis goniorhiza--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis gracilis--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis haedulipes--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta 'Blood Moon'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta 'Carmine'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta 'Encounter'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta pink form--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta purple form ('Gothenburg')--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta salmon form--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta 'Sigilite'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hirta 'Silk'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis hybrid Orange--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Icing'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis imbricata--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis kaajagdensis--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis kamiesbergensis--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis karooica--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis lassiorhiza--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis lichenoides--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Lily'--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Little Rosy'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Little Sweet'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis livida--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis livida green form--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Lunar Halo'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis luteola MV5567--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis luteola MV5885--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis luteola MV96013--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis luteola 'Splash'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis luteola var.glauca--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis massoniana--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis massonorum--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis meisneri--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis melanosticta (better foliage)--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis melanosticta 'Ken Aslet' (free flowering)--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis minuta--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis monophylla--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis namaquana--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Napier'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis nidulans--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Night Princess'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Night Queen'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis nudlans 'Pom Pom'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obliquifolia--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Blush'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Ceres Salmon'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Coppery Orange'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Coral'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Damask Rose'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Deep Salmon'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Flame'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Kunzite'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Nova'--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Primrose'--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Purple Sunrise'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Red Queen'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Rhodo'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Silvermoon'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Spring Charm Orange'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis obtusa 'Sunglow'--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Orange Impression'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Orange Pie'--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis orbicularis--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis oreithala--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Ostritz'--------13 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Otale'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis Pakkhuis Pass--------13 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis palmifrons--------16 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis pardalis pink form--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis pardalis white form--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Pea Flora'--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis perdicaria--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis perdicaria lemon form--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis pes-carpae double form--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis petraea --------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Pink Dress'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis pocockiae--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Polar Aurora'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis polyphylla var.heptaphylla--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis polyphylla var.pentaphylla--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis pulchella var.tomentosa--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Puppy Love'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Puppy Love Dark'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea 'Garnet'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea 'Lavender and White'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea lavender form--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea pink form--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea 'Pink Giant'--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea 'Ruffles'--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea salmon form--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis purpurea white form--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis pusilla--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Rechanit'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis reclinata var.gracillima--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Red Crag'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Rose'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Rose Dimple'--------16 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Rosemary'--------13 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis semiloba--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis simplex--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Sister'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis smithiana--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis sonderiana--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis sp.South Africa 21--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis sp.'Tomato Red'--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis sp.Yellow Shouth Africa--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Star Mans'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis stennorrhyncha--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Strawberry Cookie'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Strawberry Pie'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Sunrise'--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis tenuiloba--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Tetug'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis tomentosa--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Tricolor'--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Two Pie'--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis uliginosa--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Venus'--------11 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis versicolor--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis viginea--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis 'Yael'--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Oxalis zeekovleyensis--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Pancratium canariense--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Pelargonium appendiculatum--------20 €for 1 bulb

Pelargonium dasyphyllum (unrooted cutting)--------8 €for 1 cutting 

Pelargonium incrassatum--------10€ for 1 bulb

Pelargonium lobatum--------20 €for 1 bulb

Phycella sp. Bio Bio, Chile--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Polyxena (Lachenalia) corymbosa--------18 €for 3 bulbs

Polyxena (Lachenalia) longituba--------11€ for 3 bulbs

Polyxena (Lachenalia) paucifolia--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Rhodophiala bifida red from (young bulbs,about a year from flowering)--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea atrandra--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea bulbocodium early white form--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea bulbocodium late purple form--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea bulbocodium light purple form --------8 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea clusiana--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea crocea -------- 12€ for 3 bulbs

Romulea cruciata var.intermedia--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea diversiformis--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea engleri--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea eximia--------11€ for 3 bulbs

Romulea flava yellow form--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea gigantea--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea grandiscapa--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea hirta--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea komsbergensis--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea leopoldtii--------14€ for 3 bulbs

Romulea ligustica--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea linaresii--------10€ for 3 bulbs

Romulea luteoflora--------17€ for 3 bulbs

Romulea monadelpha--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea monticola--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea rosea--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea rosea var.australis--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea sabulosa--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea setifolia--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea sp.tiny orange--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea sp.tiny white flowers--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea tabularis--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea tempskyana--------12€ for 3 bulbs

Romulea tetragona--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Romulea tortuosa--------15€ for 3 bulbs

Scilla autumnalis (Prospero autumnale)--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Scilla cilicica--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Scilla greilhuberi--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Scilla hyacinthoides--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Scilla littardierei--------5 €for 3 bulbs

Scilla madeirensis--------20 €for 1 bulb50 €for 3 bulbs

Scilla messeniaca--------20 €for 3 bulbs

Scilla ramburei (young bulbs, about a year from flowering)--------12 €for 3 bulbs SOLD OUT

Scilla scilloides--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis auriculata--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis bulbifera white and yellow--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis bulbifera white form--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis bulbifera yellow form--------7 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis elegans orange form--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis elegans white form--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis fragrans--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis grandiflora var.acutiloba--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis grandiflora var.grandiflora--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis maculosa--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis meterlekampiae--------12€ for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis parviflora--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Sparaxis villosa--------9 €for 3 bulbs

Strumaria gemmata-------- 25€for 3 bulbs

Strumaria prolifera--------25€ for 3 bulbs

Strumaria tenella subsp.orientalis-------- 25€for 3 bulbs

Tristagma uniflorum--------18 €for 3 bulbs

Triteleia 'Foxy'--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Triteleia hyacinthina--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Triteleia peduncularis--------14 €for 3 bulbs

Triteleia 'Queen Fabiola'--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Triteleia 'Rudy'--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Triteleia 'The Blues'--------4 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia cooperi--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia crocata 'Plymouth Pastel'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia crocata 'Princess Beatrix'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia crocata 'Tangerine'--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia flabellifolia--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia lineata--------8 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia pallida--------10 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia securigera--------3 €for 3 bulbs

Tritonia squalida--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Tulipa cretica--------6 €for 3 bulbs

Tulipa raddii-------15€ for 3 bulbs

Urginea altissima--------40€ for 1 bulb

Wachendorfia paniculata--------12 €for 3 bulbs

Watsonia aletroides--------15 €for 3 bulbs

Watsonia coccinea--------12€ for 3 bulbs

I received my bulbs. How to plant them? If you are living in a Mediterranean climate area, it's pretty straightforward. Put them in pots and place them outside in a sunny location. I generally use a mixture of 2 parts peat or coir based compost, 1 part coarse sand or grit and 1 part fine perlite. This mixture provides adequated drainage in my rainy winter climate in my corner of the Mediterranean, essential for most species. I add perlite at the botton of the pot for extra dainage and once the bulbs are planted, I top dress with grit or coarse sand or thin gravel in order to keep the leaves that touch the surface drier and also to make my life easier with weeding. But you want to have your material free from weed seeds in the first place. I don't worry much about depth, 2 or 3 times the length of the bulb will do it. In time, bulbs take their position in depth in your pot, some will stay at the top with necks exposed while others like Ferraria will travel to the very bottom of the pot. I like to keep my bulbs in their pots, even when they are dormant. This preserves water desiccation, that some species are prote to, when exposed to air for long periods of time. So if you receieve your bulbs early, pot them up and let them in a shady spot until watering begins. Nevertheless, most of the bulbs can stay in their paper packages in a cool dry spot, until potting is done in September. 

Once mid-September arrives, I water the pots and then let the weather do the rest. If it doesn't rain in September or later I water every 5 days or so. Fertilizing lightly every month is advised, especially if you keep your bulbs in the same soil for many years. The plants need ot stay moist during active growing and flowering but once past that, they need to get dry and go dormant. During summer I keep the pots completely dry in a shady spot (to avoid over baking in the sun and to protect them from the occasional summer storm).

That above oversimplifies the cultivation of summer dormant bulbs. Each species comes from a particular microclimate with its own specific requirements of soil, sun, nutrition, high and low temperature needs. So wherever you are cultivating those bulbs, try to match their needs as closely as possible. The web is full of information on most of the bulbs in my catalog and moreover you can experiment with the, or as I say, carefully watch them as they grow and respond to their needs, especially when it comes watering, feeding and protecting from low temperatures. As most or what I offer are not you common garden store bulbs and you're ordering from my list, you're probably and experienced bulbs grower and know what to do in most cases.

If you climate allows, plant your bulbs in the garden. In a suitable garden spot, geophytes can thrive and propagate much faster than they would do in pots. 

Will they flower the first year? Most of what is listed here are flowering sized bulbs and will flower the first year they're planted, unless otherwise specified. That is if they are grown well and have their needs met. If you're buying those indicated as younger bulbs that means they most likely will require a year or more of growing before they come into flower. 

Are the plants I have true to name? I try to keep the naming in my collection correct. There will be a case or two where I have been mistaken, please notify me if something like this happens. Remember that many of the bulbs in my list I propagate from seed and since my collection is quite extensive with many species of each genus, there is the rare occasion that a hybrid might be produced. And this could be either exciting or disappointing, depending on how you want to see it. If for whatever case you are disappointed to do not hesitate to contact me. 

How to order? That is quite simple. You make a list of what you want and send it either the the form on my Order and Contact page or by email to  and don't forget your shipping address!. I'll get back to you as soon as possible with bulb availability for your order and then you can send your payment through Paypal ( or use my page . Other payment options are available, please ask. Please bear with me if I don't reply right away, I'm one person alone involved in dozens of projects and also grow and collect all of my plants by myself, so being above a computer and replying right away is not possible in most cases. 


Due to my travelling schedule this summer, shipping will be done either:

1) The first week of August

2) The third and fourth week of September.

Do chose a period when putting in an order. Remember that if you include any Oxalis in your order these have to be send in August as they are very early growers, thus your order can only be shipped then. 

There is no minimum order but there is a universal shipping fee of 12 euros for tracked service. That cost will cover your bulbs order regardless how big it is (the cost actually goes up after the limit of 500gr. of your parcle, but you can see it as a small discount on your order). Ordering within the EU. If you would like to order outside the EU, please contact me in advance. For the time being I cannot issue Phytosanitary Certificates, also the cost of it here will definitely deter you from ordering. 

Orders usually take 5-7 working days to reach destinations within Europe. Of course, in a worldwide shipping network, delays and problems could arise, so please cooperate and let me know if there is any problem with your order and I will do my best to solve it.


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