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Here is a selection of videos with sowing/growing instructions on seeds and bulbs taken from my Youtube Channel. This page will be updated as new videos come out.

Sowing seeds of Mediterranean climate bulbous plants. This is how I sow bulb seeds in autumn here in our mild winter Mediterranean climate. One good guide to remember is that you can go ahead and sow bulb seeds as soon as your day and night temperatures are 10 degrees Celsius apart, which is usually the case here in October. However, I still have good results sowing up to the end of December. Good drainage in your pots is essential, so make sure you use at least one coarse material like river sand, vermiculite or thin gravel!

Preparing bulb seedling pots for the next growing season. At the end of summer or beginning of autumn, the bulb pots are prepared for a new season of growing. Thorough cleaning and a new topping of sand of gravel is not essential, but it helps remove weed seeds and removes debris that could pile up in the pot and attract pathogens like fungi that can affect your plants.


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