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Phlomis lanata
Phlomis x 'Orangette'

General Seeds P-R

Phlomis monocephala

This is my main seed list with perennials, shrubs, trees and annuals. Scroll through the list and also see the General Galleries for pictures.

Listings in green are new or returning for 2024.

Phlomis bovei subsp.maroccana
Phlomis x cytherea

General Seed List P-R

Paeonia cambessedesii 6€/10seeds   SOLD OUT

Originating in the Balearic islands, this species has dark leaves with a silver/metallic sheen especially when young. It has adapted well in my gravel bed and is slowly reproducing itself by seeding around.


Paeonia corsica 6€/10seeds 

Similar to the above but with darker leaves and flowers and also a little more robust and faster growing. The young leaves and stems are dark burgundy when they appear and they retain that colouring until the flowers are produced. A beautiful thing.

Paeonia tenuifolia var.lithophila 6€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Feathery green leaves and big red flowers on this herbaceous peony. As all of them, it requires a lot of patience to grow into flowering size.

Papaver argemone subsp. rubrotinctum 4€/100seeds

A smaller winter growing annual species with orange poppies with a big blotch of purple in the middle. Stunning when well grown. Don’t mix it with taller annual species as it needs the most sunlight it can get.

Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'    3,5€/50seeds

A winter hardy annual species that flowers mainly in spring and early summer in a Mediterranean climate. Admired for its bright red flowers with black blotches. Sow directly onto the ground in autumn.

Papaver rhoeas 3€/100seeds

The classic red annual poppy that you find around Greece in spring – they do seem to be larger flowered than others but who knows!

Papaver somniferum peony flowered red 3€/100seeds

An old fashioned double red annual poppy, just sprinkle the seeds around the garden, and you’ll have it forever unless you weed it out in spring.

Papaver tauricola 4€/30seeds

An attractive medium sized poppy, with grey leaves and a multitude of upright stems topped with orange poppies. Needs good drainage.

Pavonia hastata 4€/20seeds

I am simply amazed but the free flowering habit of this shrubby species. With regular summer water it covers itself with white, dark centered flowers that make a great companion for Salvias almost all year long.

Pavonia praemorsa 4€/20seeds

A rounded shrub with light yellow flowers that performs equally great in a dry garden situation or at a regularly irrigated spot. Cut back to half during winter to maintain shape.

Pavonia spinifex 4€/20seed

I was reluctant to put it in the watered garden while it was still growing in pots where it didn’t do much, but once I did, it grew into a beautiful small shrub with an abundance of yellow flowers in late summer. Warmth and water are its friends.

Pelargonium appendiculatum 3.5€/10 seeds

One of the easiest tuberous rooted Pelargoniums to grow, this needs to be treated as a winter growing bulb, thus left dry and indisturbed during summer. A great pot subject with healthy grey foliage and cream coloured flowers, slowly forming a 'trunk' as it ages. Sow in autumn.

Pelargonium cordifolium 4€/20seeds SOLD OUT

A big shrubby species with upright stems and covered in spring with light purple flowers. Perfect for the summer dry garden, as it only requires a monthly watering to survive.

Pennantia corymbosa  5€/10seeds

An interesting genus in its own family Pennantiaceae, this includes some rare New Zealend endemics and this wonderful upright, columnar divaricate tree that I fell in love with while I was there. The cloud effect of brown twigs and small leathery leaves is just amazing. Once mature it will be covered with white flowers in late spring and black berries in autumn. Germination is easy in a moist medium but a month of cold stratification will make it more even.

Penstemon acuminatus 3€/20seeds

Known as the sand dune penstemon, this sky blue/purple species grows to height of half a meter when in flower and loves sandy soil. Cold stratification needed, or sow outside in autumn.

Penstemon angustifolius 3€/20seeds

The sky blue flowers of this species will blow your mind away! It is drought tolerant, but due to its high desert habitat in western US, it will be better adapted in a rock garden in the Mediterranean. Cold stratification needed, or just saw outside in autumn. 

Penstemon auriberbis 3.50€/20seeds

Known as the Colorado Penstemon (as if Colorado doesn't have other Penstemon species...), this small perennials has light purple flowers and is good for gravel or the rock garden. Some cold stratificationi will aid germination.

Penstemon barbatus 3.50€/20seeds SOLD OUT

A much loved and more widely grown species with fiery red flowers, this will produce multiple upright stems. It is not very long lived but is very easy from seed.

Penstemon clutei 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A new species I am trying and it has proved to be a very successfull one in my summerdry garden and its calcaerous soil. Upright stems with grey leaves and pink flowers. Three years and keeps going, many other desert penstemons flower in their second year and then seem to exhaust themselves.

Penstemon cobaea 4€/20seeds

One of the largest flowered Penstemons, this small perennial has sturdy stems that end in short spikes of dreamy dark purple flowers. Requires a bit of summer water to look at its best. 

Penstemon crandallii 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A low, sub shrubby species from southern Colorado with purple blue flowers. Best in a rockery in our Med climate. Cold stratification needed, or just saw outside in autumn. 

Penstemon cyaneus 3€/20seeds

Another purple/blue penstemon from western US, mainly in the mountain states, with upright stems and willowy like leaves. Cold stratification needed, or just saw outside in autumn. 

Penstemon eatonii 3€/20seeds

A very drought tolerant species with upright stems of tomato red drooping flowers in late winter and spring. Cold stratificationi aids germination. 

Penstemon glaber var. alpinus 3€/20seeds

The alpine saw sepal penstemon, with a height of about half a meter in full flower, has purple blue flowers. Cold stratify in winter to induce germination.

Penstemon grandiflorus 3.50€/20seeds

Upright succulent stems and purple flowers on this xeric species.

Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmaeus 3.50€/30seeds

A short one for the gravel or rock garden, this creates mats of sphathulate leaves and short spikes of white and purple flowers. Slow but long lived in a well-drained situation.

Penstemon x mexicali  'Red Rocks'    3€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

An easy to grow, long lived shrubby Penstemon coming true from seed in spite of its hybrid origin. It has a very long flowering period, especially if given some occasional waterings during summer. Germinates fast from seed without pretreatment.

Penstemon nitidus 3€/20seeds

The waxleaf penstemon, is one of the earliest to flower and its sky blue colours make it stand out in its native rocky habitat.Cold stratification needed, or just saw outside in autumn. 

Penstemon palmeri 3€/20seeds

Palmer's penstemon is a well known western US wildflower and is an easy one to grow if you are a novice in the genus. It adapts well to Mediterranean garden conditions. Its tall spikes of pink flowers in late spring blend well with our Mediterranean shrubs. Cold stratification is not required but germination is more uniform when applied. Not very long lived, so collect seeds and sow again after 3-4 years.  Some cold stratification aids germination results or just sow them in autumn.

Penstemon parryi 3.50€/20seeds

This is a favorite for its upright stems and airy purple flowers. Perfect for filling small spots in your xeric garden. 

Penstemon payettensis 3€/20seeds

The Payette beardtongue calls the northwest US states its home and is a beautiful perennial with blue flowers that will require a cool root run in the Mediterranean to grow well. Consider gravel or a rock garden. Cold stratify for germination.

Penstemon pseudospectabilis 3.50€/20seeds

Hundreds of magenta purple flowers all throughout spring and early summer but give this one space as it will attain a width of up to 1m. Cold stratification needed, or just saw outside in autumn. 

Penstemon secundiflorus 3€/20seeds

The sidebells beardtongue grows in a wide range of mountains in western USA and Mexico. It is drought tolerant and requires cold stratification to germinate. 

Penstemon strictus 3€/20seeds

Neat basal foliage that forms little mats and upright stems 
loaded with blue flowers. Can exhaust itself from flowering.

Penstemon superbus pink form 3€/20seeds

I love this species for its grey foliage and the big vibrant light pink flowers.  Serious flower power but short lived. Nevertheless it reseeds freely. Not really needed, but some cold stratification produces more uniform germination results. 

Penstemon venustus 3€/20seeds

Another mountain species, this is more of a subshrub than a perennial. The flowers are purple. Quite easy to grow. Cold stratification needed, or just saw outside in autumn. 

Penstemon virgatus 3€/20seeds

From Arizona and New Mexico, the beardless sidebells beardtongue (got to love this common name). Purple flowers and good drought resistance.  Cold stratification needed, or just saw outside in autumn. 

Penstemon wilcoxii 3€/20seeds

a light blue flowered species from the northwest US states. Good drought tolerance but prefers a rocky position in half shade. Cold stratification needed for germination.

Petromarula pinnata 5€/50seeds 

One of the most beautiful endemics of Crete, very common in the island, the ‘rock lettuce’ as its name translates to, is a Campanula relative with a big rosette of pinnate leaves that explode in a profusion of stems with purple flowers, 2 to 4 years after sowing. Don’t give it any water in the summer and let it dry, as it will disappear underground only to emerge again with the first autumn rains.

Phagnalon graecum 3.50€/20seeds

A small shrub with grey foliage, small thistle like yellow flowers and beautiful dandelion type seed heads that literally cover it once flowering is finished. Easy and will reseed in any dry garden.

Phlomis aurea 4€/20seeds

I enjoy this species for its huge flowerheads of dark yellow flowers. Very drought tolerant and perfect for the dry garden. as all the Mediterranean species of Phlomis I list here. 

Phlomis bourgaei 4€/20seeds 

A great looking Phlomis, not only for its whorls of yellow and orange flowers, but also for its golden, richly textured foliage. This is a mixture of both yellow and orange forms.

Phlomis bovei ssp. marocanna 4€/20seeds

A plant very similar in habit with Phlomis samia, but the very big light pink flowers really distinguish it. Very drought tolerant, as almost all Mediterranean Phlomis.

Phlomis caballeroi 4€/20seeds.

A smaller species with apple green foliage and light pink flowers. Like a miniature version of P.italica. 

Phlomis chimerae 5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A Turkish species forming a small rounded shrub with very round grey, almost white leaves and yellow flowers nestled within long, spiny bracts. The overall effect is quite outstanding. 


Phlomis cypria 5€/20seeds

A medium sized species from Cyprus, this has elongated leaves that are dark green, brownish stems and light yellow flowers. Another great Phlomis, but aren't they all!

Phlomis (x) cytherea 4€/20seeds.

This cross between P. fruticosa and P. cretica found on the Island of Cythera south of the Peloponnese where both species occur together is in my opinion an excellent plant and better than both parents. Stays compact, rich grey foliage and intense yellow flowers. 

Phlomis fruticosa 3.5€/20seeds

The best known Jerusalem sage, this classic Mediterranean shrub adapts itself to a variety of situations so don’t be afraid to try it in tough situations. Beautiful yellow flowers in spring and foliage that changes colors during summer according to water availability.

Phlomis grandiflora 4€/20seeds

Grand in all its parts. Big green leaves and big golden flowerheads. It takes about three years to flower to grows bigger thereafter. Needs a dry summer rest as all Mediterranean Phlomis.

Phlomis italica 4€/20seeds

A fast growing big shrub with a suckering habit. Leaves and stems are covered in white wool and the combinationi with the baby pink flowers in late spring is to die for

Phlomis lanata 4€/20seeds

Many times, listed as P. cretica (which in fact is a different species more similar to P. fruticosa) this small very branched beauty has olive green leaves with a yellow ting and small whorls of yellow flowers. Forms small rounded shrubs and takes clipping to maintain its shape.

Phlomis leucophracta 5€/20seeds

I tend to call it the orange Phlomis but the truth is the flowers have more of a peach brown color. Equally attractive are its leaves, dark green above, golden brown below and line with a white line around. 

Phlomis longifolia 3.50€/20seeds

A very adaptable species forming big rounded shrubs that are very long lived (my original plant is now 10 years old and once in a while I prune it severely because it always sprouts well from the base. Greener leaves and takes summer watering well (not many shrubby Phlomis do in a hot summer Mediterranean climate).

Phlomis lychnitis 6€/20seeds

Although this is a tough and easy plant in my dry garden, it refuses to produce seed most of the years. This years I have managed to have some seed set on it, but I have to go through hundreds of calyces to get a dozen of viable seed, hence the price. Valuable for its un-Phlomis appearance, this is a groundcovering species with upright flowering stems of yellow flowers. Very drought tolerant Spanish species.

Phlomis lycia   4€/20seeds

A small leaved shrubby species with dark yellow flowers, but the most admired attribute of this is the golden yellow dormant summer and autumn leaves. New growth is green with a yellow cast. 

Phlomis lunariifolia 4€/20seeds

Probably the tallest Phlomis species out there, this shrub can attain heights of up to 3 meters in its eastern Mediterranean habitats. Dark green leaves and dark yellow flowers. Parent of 'Orangette' which gives that hybrid its tall height.

Phlomis monocephala 4€/20seeds

I love this species for its silvery/golden foliage in summer, compact slow growing stature and yelllow flowers with a tint of pink in spring. 

Phlomis (x) ‘Orangette’ 4€/20seeds

A hybrid, but it does produce viable seed. One of the most amazing colors for Phlomis, having a clear orange ‘hood’ on each flower. 

Phlomis purpurea 4€/20seeds

Another pink Phlomis but much darker in colour than P.italica. Doesn't sucker as much and also has greener leaves. This particular one is completely summer deciduous if left without water during summer but retains its leaves if it has gravel mulch or gets watered monthly during the dry season.

Phlomis purpurea 'Alba'  4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

The white form of regularly pink P.purpurea, it is a somewhat weaker plant in growth with fewer stems, but eventually it will attain a rounded habit that we all 'require' from Mediterranean Phlomis.

Phlomis russeliana 4€/20seeds

A herbaceous perennial species from Turkey that can develop a woody base in time, but the foliage keeps low on the ground. The tall stems rise above in late spring and have big whorls of yellow flowers. Needs a bit of summer water and is one of the few species that enjoys part shade, as its natural habitat is forest edges. 

Phlomis viridis 4€/20seeds

A small shrubby species, with olive green leaves and bright yellow flowers in spring. Foliage stays fresh all summer long without any water.

Phlomis viscosa  3€/20seeds

Very easy to grow and very rewarding and fast growing species looking attractive all year round. Dark green long leaves and yellow flowers on darker stems. One of my favorites and such a tough, drought tolerant plant.

Plagianthus divaricatus  4€/20seeds

A divaricate shrub from New Zealand that loves heat but prefers wet soils. A tangled mess of brown twigs and small green leaves give it a 'cloud' effect look as I say for most divaricate kiwi shrubs. Interestingly this now belongs to the family Malvaceae. Germanition is easy in a moist medium but a month of cold stratification will make it more even.

Podalyria sericea    5€/10seeds

A great looking evergreen shrub from South Africa, with silver leaves which set the perfect background for its pink flowers. Scarify or soak seeds overnight in warm water before sowing.

Podocytisus caramanicus 4€/20seeds

A Balkan native upright growing broom with relatively big yellow flowers and decorative seedpods. Doesn't mind frosts and cold.

Potentilla aff. recta 3€/20seeds

I lost the tag a long time ago, but this Mediterranean species behaves very well in the watered garden with loads of yellow flowers in summer. Clump forming perennial. 

Prasium majus 4€/20seeds

A Lamiaceae shrub from the Mediterranean, with lots of white flowers in spring. Can go completely summer deciduous if kept completely dry in summer.


Prosopis juliflora 3.5€/5seeds

A multi-stemmed tree from USA and Mexico, this mesquite species grows fast and adapts well to desert or subtropical climates. Maybe too well, it is an invasive species in some areas like Australia, so don't grow it where it can become a pest. Soak seeds in warm water overnight before sowing.


Prosopis pubescens 3.5€/20seeds

The srewbean Mesquite, with its characteristic twisted beans is a beautiful airy tree from USA and Mexico and withstands heat and drought. Should be well suited in a Mediterranean garden and it provides valueable light shade. Doesn't mind saline or alkaline soils. Soak seeds in warm water overnight before sowing. 

Prunella vulgaris 3€/30seeds.

Weedy if in the wrong position but useful in a dry shady situation where little else will grow. I wouldn´t plant it outside of its native range.

Prunus andersonii    7€/5seeds

The desert peach from western USA, is a slowly growing species but once it reaches a decent size it is something to admire! Cold stratify seeds for 3 months.

Pseudopanax crassifolius 4€/20seeds

Quite the most peculiar plants of the New Zealand flora (at least for us Europeans), this and P.ferox are well known and grown for their pecularia juvenile phase, when they produce needle like spiny leaves on an upright stick, and once they reach a particular height in a few years they develop into a small tree with wider green leaves. It doesn't get more architectural than this.  Sow in autumn as it requires the winter temperatures to germinate or if you are in a warmer climate put them in the fridge for 2-3 months in a damp medium.

Pseudopanax ferox  4€/20seeds

I like both of these species, but P.ferox is even more weird and unusual. Similar growth habit and same growing instructions.

Psorothamnus spinosus 4€/10seeds

The smoke tree of Arizona and southern California is my favorite desert character while travelling in these areas. As deserty as it gets, it creates a mess of dead looking twigs, but when it flowers they make the best background for those shiny dark purple flowers. It grows slowly so be patient! Soak seeds overnight in near boiling water before sowing.  

Pterocephalus multiflorus subsp.multiflorus 4€/20seeds   

From Cyprus, a small shrub with millions of small light pink flowers throughout spring and summer that develop into fluffy seedheads. The overall effect is quite pleasant, all throughout summer as it continues to flower even with no summer water. Very drought tolerant.

Ptilostemon chamaepeuce subsp.chamaepeuce purple form 4€/20seeds

A Mediterranean shrub that should be more widely used, this ‘low pine’ as the name suggests has needle leaves on a medium size shrub that form a mound and from which rise 1m flowering stems that end in purple Centaurea like flowers. Very drought tolerant

Ptilostemon chamaepeuce subsp.chamaepeuce white form 4€/20seeds

A Mediterranean shrub that should be more widely used, this ‘low pine’ as the name suggests has needle leaves on a medium size shrub that form a mound and from which rise 1m flowering stems that end in white Centaurea like flowers. Very drought tolerant

Ptilostemon chamaepeuce subsp.cyprius 5€/20seeds

Smaller in all parts than subsp.chamaepeuce, with a more dense habit, greener leaves and dark pink flowers. 

Purshia mexicana 4€/10seeds

The Cliffroses, or bitterbrushes, species of the genus Purshia are desert adapted shrubs from Western USA and Mexico with beautiful small wildrose like flowers  for a long period in spring and summer followed by fluffy seedheads that give them a long season of interest. They are long lived, the usually live longer than humans due to their water conserving adaptations and very deep tap roots. The Mexican cliffrose, P.mexicana, has white flowers. 

Purshia tridentata var. glandulosa 3.5€/10seeds

Commonly known as the desert bitterbrush, this is a light yellow flowered species that flowers profusely with white flowers, but it is the yellow stamens that give it the overall yello look. Extremely drought tolerant but slow to grow. 

Purshia tridentata var. tridentata 4€/10seeds

Simila to the above, with some minor botanical differences and also differrent spatial distribution.

Purshia stansburiana 3.50€/10seeds

A beautiful shrub, literally ladden with white flowers, this is one of my favorite species.  As all bitterbrushes. Do not overwater seedlings or they may rot. 

Putoria calabrica 4€/20seeds

If you don’t care about the scent, which is only bad when you get too close, this is a very attractive ground covering mat forming shrub, with lots of pink flowers in spring followed by round berries that turn from red to black in the summer. Very drought tolerant and a plant that should be more widely grown. The most perfect small scale groundcover for a non irrigated exposed site.

Puya spp. Here is a selection of Puyas from seed. It sounds intimidating but they will germinate fast (surface sow and don't bury the seeds). Don't overwater once they appear because they can easily rot and also be extra careful about overwatering when you transplant the seedlings. If you manage to keep them alive for a year, then they are almost indestructible. 

Puya alpestris dark form 4€/30seeds

Puya chilensis 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Puya gilmartiniae 4€/30seeds

Puya spathacea 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Puya venusta 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Puya venusta albino form 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Pycnanthemum muticum 3€/30seeds

As above but with interesting silver-grey bracts near the white flowers.

Ratibida columnifera red form 3€/50seeds

A western US prarie species, this short-livedperennial has clouds of brown red flowers for a long time in late spring and summer.

Ratibida pinnata 3€/30seeds

Short clumps of pinnate leaves that during summer they shoot their stems a meter up and produce yellow and black flowers. Very useful filling perennial and won’tcover your border with useless foliage.

Reseda alba 3€/20seeds

A classic Mediterranean winter annual that will flower for a long time in spring and early summer with its spikes of white flowers that are highly attractive to wildlife.


Rhopalostylis sapida 6€/10seeds

Known as the Nikau palm, it is actully the only NZ native palm species and also the southernost palm species in the world. It is not hard to grow, as long as you avoid drying winds and intense sun, so give it a protected spot. Slow growing but germinates readily from seed. Soak the seeds in water for about three days and then sow in airy compost and keep it moist at about 15-20C. 


Rhus aromatica var. simplicifolia 3€/10seeds

The skunkbush shumac, is a medium sized shrub, up to 2m in height and width, native to western USA. It is a drought tolerant shrub, with colourful fruit and autumn foliage. 

Rhus copallinum 3€/10seeds

The winged sumac comes from the eastern USA but it is surprisingly well behaved in drier garden conditions. Big pinnate leaves turn into a fiery red in autumn, while the white late spring flowers add to its year round show. Easy from seed. 

Rhus coriaria 4€/20seeds

What is culinary known as sumac in the eastern Mediterranean cuisine, this drought tolerant shrub has fresh green foliage and is widely adaptable. Grow your own sumac!

Rhus glabra 3€/10seeds

Similar to the above, but larger in all its parts. Beautiful autumn foliage in shades of orange and red. Its distribution, from Canada to Mexico and all over USA, shows you the adaptability it can have in a range of garden conditions. 

Rhus integrifolia 4€/10seeds

The lemonade berry is one of the most attractive evegreen shrubs (or small trees) in Calirornia. The beautiful foliage is highlighted by its pink, heavily scented flowers and later by abundant orange red small fruit. Very drought tolerant and great as a big, unpruned hedge. 

Rhus lancea 3€/10seeds

I first saw this species grown in the Sparoza garden, the grounds of the Mediterranean Garden Society in Athens. It has impressed me with its willowy evergreen foliage, beautiful bark and the cool light shade it produced there, under which grew happily other Mediterranean shrubs. Then I saw it widely used in Arizona and loved it there too. I have yet to see it in its native South Africa, but it must be used more in the Mediterranean for its looks and drought resistant ability. 

Rhus trilobata 4€/20seeds

An easy to grow, attractive deciduous spreading bush from western USA, noted for its attractive orange foliage in autumn and edible berries. Very drought and cold tolerant. Stratify the seeds for best germinating results.

Ribes aureum 5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A western USA native, commonly known as golden currant, for its abundant yellow blossoms in spring. Once established it is drought tolerant, and it likes equally sunny or semi shaded situations.

Romneya coulteri 4€/20seeds

The Matilija poppy, with its typical large white poppies with yellow centres. Very easy to grow when established, whether irrigated or not in the summer but known for being difficult to propagate from cuttings (division is a bit easier). So seed is the safest way. Still you'll have to use smoke treatment when you plant them in autumn,.

Rosa canina wild form 4€/20seeds

A Mediterranean staple as you travel across the countryside and mountains, forming big shrubs and producing copious amounts of light pink flowers followed by attractive red berries. 

Rosa heckeliana 4€/20seeds

A mat forming high elevation rose, with big pink flowers followed by big red rosehips in late summer and fall. You just need to find the right position in the garden to put it as it ideally loves scree conditions. Very cold tolerant.

Rumex vesicarius 4€/20seeds

An impressive annual or short-lived perennial, with fleshy spinach like leaves and inflated seedpods that develop pink and red colorations when stressed. Grow it on the dry side (or pure sand!) and let the sun bake it. 


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