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Ebenus cretica
Iberis gibraltarica

General Seeds E-K

Fremontodendron californicum

This is my main seed list with perennials, shrubs, trees and annuals. Scroll through the list and also see the General Galleries for pictures.

Listings in green are new or returning for Autumn 2023.

Echium onosmifolium
Ferula communis subsp.glauca

General List E-K

Ebenus cretica 5€/20seeds

My garden plants have finally grown into flowering size and have produced seeds. One of the most beautiful Mediterranean shrubs, this shrubby legume from Crete is topped with bright pink flowers in spring, over shiny silver leaves. Takes about 3-4 years to flower from seed.

Echeandia texensis 4€/20seeds

Growing fast and flowering in its first year from seed, with daylily like foliage and tall stems of shooting star yellow flowers. And it gets even better! It flowers at the end of summer and autumn when most of your other perennials have past their glory! Needs summer water and a sunny or semi shady position.

Echinops graecus 5€/10seeds.

One of the spiniest of the genus in all its parts (leaves, stems and flowers) but what a sight when well grown and flowering profusely in the middle of the summer. Needs excellent drainage and is rather only suitable in a Mediterranean garden or it will easily rot.

Echium aculeatum 5€/20seeds.

There are many Canarian Echiums tha look similar but this one really stands out. Big leathery rough leaves that look fresh even at the end of a dry summer and big heads of cream flowers with purple shades and pink stamens that appear in autumn and continue to flower throughout winter and early spring. As all macaronesian echiums it germinates very easy, but best sown in autumn or spring.

Echium angustifolium 4€/20seeds.

The leaves and stems of this are covered with spiny hairs giving it a silvery appearance especially when backlit but that makes the perfect background for its bright red flowers. Enjoys a summer drought and can be short lived.

Echium fastuosum dark blue form 3.5€/20seeds

If you are frustrated from growing light colored forms of this popular plant, I offer seeds from a dark blue form – and that’s the only one I have,so your chances are good. Flowers from the second year with big fat flower spikes.

Echium onosmifolium 3.5€/20seeds

A Canarian species, forming a small shrub with green leaves with a greenish cast, and in spring covered in long inflorescences of white flowers. 

Echium simplex 4€/20seeds

A favorite of mine, this grows as a single stemmed tall flowering spike of white flowers. The big rosette of dark green leaves stays fresh even in the height of summer in the summerdry garden. It takes about 3 years to flower from seed but when it does it is truly magical. Combine it with E.wildprettii for a full Canarian extravaganza! Germinates fast when sown in spring or autumn.

Echium virescens 3.5€/20seeds

Similar to fastuosum but with flowers more towards pink instead of purple. 

Echium wildprettii 4€/20seeds

An unfortettable sight when in flower, this monocarpic perennial  from high elevations of Mt.Teide in Tenerife, takes Mediterranean conditions well. The huge spike of pink flowers is  the most impressive sight in any garden it is grown.

Entelea arborescens 5€/20seeds

For a great subtropical look, this New Zealand small tree is perfect for a coastal situation, but needs protection from drying winds and cold. Big leaves cover the upright stems and clusters of big white Malvaceae flowers adorn the branches at the end in spring. Germination is easy but a month of cold stratification will make it more even.

Encelia farinosa 3€/20seeds

A desert shrub from Southwestern US with silver leaves and big yellow daisies.  Very drought tolerant.

Ephedra californica 4€/20seeds

I kind of love all Ephedras for their plant form , although it does take a few years to achieve that. This species from desert southwest US forms low shrubs that are spreading in time.

Ephedra foemina 4€/20seeds

This Mediterranean widespread species starts as a small shrub but can grow into big proportions especially if it manages to grasp onto a supporting surface or another woody plant. Very decorative pinkish red berries throughout winter into spring.

Ephedra nevadensis 3,50€/20seeds

Another beautiful species from western USA, this one is prized for its attractive intensely silver stems that differentiate it from all other greenish Ephedras. Suckers slowly to produce a big mat.

Eremalche parryi 4€/20seeds

Parry's mallow, is another winter growing annual that in spring is covered with pink mallow type flowers. Easy to grow, best in situ.

Eremostachys laciniata 5€/5seeds  SOLD OUT

It took several years before it was big enough to flower in my dry garden, but when it did it was a sight to behold! The fluffy yellow flowers with purple markings are heavily covered with hairs as are also the flowering stems. Slow growing perennial, going dormant in late summer in the dry garden. Sown in autumn, it germinates readily.

Erica arborea 3€/30seeds

A shrubby heather, that eventually grows into a big shrub, this will do well only when your soil is on the acid or basic side. Do not try it in alkaline soils.  Gets covered in spring in white flowers.

Eriogonum arborescens 3.50€/20seeds

One of the giants in the genus, this big shrubby has a beautiful natural rounded form, grey leaves and big infloroescences of white flowers that turn to brown and are decorative over a long period.

Eriogonum crocatum 4€/20seeds

The Conejo buckwheat, stands out for its very silver foliage. The summer lemon yellow flowers shine against the foliage and turn orangey as they age. My advise is to avoid overly alkaline soils.Very drought tolerant. Sow in autumn for best germination results.

Eriogonum fasciculatum 3€/20seeds

An easy shrub from California, covered in white flowers in late spring and summer that slowly change to brown as they age. Let it grow big or cut it back as soon as you like, it will take everything.

Eriogonum fasciculatum subsp.flavoviride 3.50€/20seeds

A bit more compact and upright compared to the one above, but they both are good summerdry garden plants.

Eriogonum flavum 3.50€/20seeds

A tap rooted small perennial that eventually forms a small mat of leaves and yellow flowers in rounded inflorescences in summer. Some cold stratification aids germination results.

Eriogonum giganteum 4€/20seeds

An excellent shrub for the summer dry garden, with silvery white rounded leaves and huge flowerheads of white to pink flowers that turn to an also decorative brown. Give it space, it’s not called giganteum for nothing! Sow in autumn.

Eriogonum grande var.rubescens 4€/20seeds

Commonly known as the red flowered buckwheat this is indeed the 'reddest' of all the species (although it is a pinkish red instead of a true red). Very easy from seed, not very long lived but provides lots of flowers. A bit bad behaving in alkaline soils, try to incorporate some organic matter in the soil when planting for best results. Sow in autumn. Germinates without treatment.

Eriogonum grande var.timorum  5€/20seeds

Similar to the above but with grey leaves and white flowers.  It is found on San Nicolas Island on the Channel Islands off the coast of California. Sow in autumn. Germinates without treatment.

Eriogonum heracleaoides  3€/20seeds

The parsnip flowered buckwheat, is a small perennial with creamy flowers in summer.  Perfect in a gravel bed. Some cold stratification aids germination results.

Eriogonum jamesii var. jamesii  4€/20seeds

Another small Eriogonum with cream flowers that slowly turn to pink as they age. Very beautiful and completely covered in flowers when well grown. Drought tolerant as almost all in the genus. No pretreatment needed, sow autumn or spring. 

Eriogonum racemosum 4.50€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A small tufted perennial with basal leaves and long upright flower spikes with white and pink flowers. Heat and drought tolerant. Two months cold stratification needed to germinate.

Eriogonum subalpinum 4.50€/20seeds

A small perennial better suited for the rockery. Creates a mound of leaves from which rise stems with terminal rounded inforescences with cream flowers that turn to pink as they age. Cold stratification needed for germination. 

Eriogonum umbellatum 3€/20seeds

The are many forms of this well known buckwheat, and in my opinion all worth growing. Yellow flowers that turn orange on a small spreading subshrub. Takes drought and summer heat but enjoys a bit of cool root run, so it will do great when mulched with gravel. Cold stratification aids germination results.

Erodium gruinum 5€/20seeds

A small perennial from the Mediterranean but with relatively big purple flowers in spring. Looks great in a meadow composition. No pretreatment needed.

Erysimum cephalonicum 3€/20seeds

Great for the rock garden, this tiny wallflower creates of mat of up to 20cm that turns golden in spring when in flower. A very well drained spot ensures longer life.


Erysimum capitatum  4€/20seeds

A Western US wallflower, best grown as a biennial. Upright stems and orangey yellow flowers. I like this when it grows in a gravel bed. Sow in autumn, preferably in situ.

Erysimum rhodium 4€/20seeds

A species endemic to Rhodes, this forms small bushes that are covered in clear yellow blooms all spring long. Can very drought tolerant in well drained soils. Best replaced from seed or cuttings every 2-3 years. Grown alone to avoid crossing with other species/cultivars.

Eschscholzia californica 'Mikado' 3€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

The classic California poppy but red instead of orange. 

Eucalyptus caesia  4€/20seeds SOLD OUT

A beautiful mallee from western Australia. Mature trees are small in size but the weeping effect of their branches, clothed with silver leaves and big pink flowers make it an exceptional conversation piece in the dry garden. Eucalypts are easy from seed. I prefer to sow them in early spring and they should be surface sown because their seeds are usually tiny.

Eucalyptus preissiana 4€/20seeds

A shrubby eucalypt from southwestern Australia that has beautiful leaves but it is the flowers that make it look exceptional. Big yellow flowers in late winter and early spring,

Euphorbia lambii 5€/20seeds  

The tree Euphorbia native to the island of Gomera at the Canary Islands. Apart from its beautiful form, especially on a mature plant, the lime green flowers in spring transform it into a magnifiscent specimen. Goes through a rainless dry summer without problems. Seeds germinate easily with cool autumn or spring temperatures.

Felicia echinata purple/blue form 4€/20seeds

A small shrub from South Africa, perfectly adaptable to summer dry conditions as it won’t survive for long if watered throughout summer. It looks amazing even without the purple daisies, due to its wonderful foliage covering tightly each upright stem.

Felicia echinata white form 4€/20seeds

Same as the above but seeds taken from white flowered individuals.


Ferula communis subsp.communis 4€/20seeds.

Similar to the giant Ferula below, but this one differs in a few aspects. The flowering stems are not as branched, so they have a more upright instead of rounded appearance, the leaves are a bit more finely textured, the umbels are a bit smaller and the plant is a more reliably perennial, with flowers formed every year if grown well. Sow in autumn, They go dormant in the summer withdrawing back to ground.

Ferula communis subsp. glauca 4€/20seeds

The ‘giant’ of the Mediterranean Apiaceae, and a valuable architectural plant, for its rich feathery foliage and 2-4m flowering stems that are attractive in flower or seed. It usually takes 3 or 4 years to flower but when it does everybody looks at it with admiration! For me this particular subspecies usually behaves as a monocarp but the occasional plant will survive by a sideshoot. In nature it enjoys its dry summer rest by going dormant and losing all its leaves, but will not mind more regural garden conditions.

Ferulago nodosa 4€/20seeds.

a smaller version of the giant Ferula, this perennial Apiaceae has typical fat nodes along its flowering stem. Excellent in a summer dry garden and carrying very attractive seed as well.

Fibigia clypeolata 4€/20seeds

A small Brassicaceae perennial with upright stems terminating in bright golden flowers and followed by big flat seedpods later on. Very cold hardy, and can take drought.

Fibigia lunarioides 4€/20seeds

A small shrub rather than a perennial, this loves rock garden or crevice like conditions but is equally adjustable in a summer dry bed. Very early flowers in the middle of winter, when you mostly need it.

Fouquieria splendens  4€/10seeds   SOLD OUT

If I had to pick one plant from the Sonoran desert it would be this species, the Ocotillo. Despite its appearance it is not hard to grow, but in a Mediterranean climate you should remember that it will need some heavy watering in summer as it would receive rain in Arizona with the monsoons. A full grown plant with multiple stems crowned with its fiery red flowers is an amazing sight. Despite its appearance it is easy to grow from seed. Sow in spring when the temperature has risen significantly. Do not overwater seedlings. Let the soild dry between waterings. The young seedlings can reach 20cm in their first year!

Fremontodendron californicum 4€/20seeds

One of the showiest members of the California chaparral, this eventually becomes a small tree ladden in spring with big golden flowers. If you want to grow it you have to restrict your summer watering to zero, as it can easily get fungal diseases and die, especially younger plants that are not established well.

Fumana thymifolia 3.5€/20seeds

A rockrose relative, forming small shrubs with heather like leaves that are covered in spring with small Helianthemum like yellow flowers. Loves heat and drought in the summer.

Gaillardia pinnatifida  5€/20seeds

Much as I love Gaillardia aristata, it is actually not a drought resistant plant where I garden. This is a great alternative, coming from the western USA. Sow in spring and keep the plants in pots for the first summer before establishing them in the garden from autumn on.  Germinates fast without pretreatment. 

Galvezia (Gambelia) juncea  5€/20seeds

A big shrubby species from Baja California this has perforemed excellently in my Mediterranean garden, flowering on and off throughout the dry summer, but really taking off after the first autumn rains. Give it space, it can grow as much as 2m high and wide when fully mature. Germinates fast from a spring sowing.

Galvezia (Gambelia)  speciosa 3.5€/20seeds

The Island Snapdragon is native to the Channel Islands of California and Guadalupe Island of Mexico. It is a tough evergreen shrub for a sunny or semishady situation and it holds its fresh green foliage all throughout the summer without needing summer irrigation. Small red snapdragon flowers adorn the branches for a long period in spring and summer. Sow in spring, no treatment needed.

Gebionis segetum 3€/30seeds

A useful winter annual species for a meadow, with vivid yellow flowers in spring. Or you can boil the young shoots and eat them if you have too many!

Genista aetnensis 5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

One of the most beautiful brooms out there, Mt.Etna broom is a small tree turns into a waterfall of yellow flowers in spring. Enjoys summer drought but does well also in wetter conditions.

Geranium peloponnesiacum 4€/10seeds

A woodland perennial for half shade, but needing a relatively dry summer rest to stay alive for long. Big blue flowers above apple green palmate leaves. 

Glaucium flavum 3€/30seeds

The yellow horned poppy that will produce its ephemeral flowers for a long period during spring and summer. Very drought tolerant.

Glaucium hybrids 3€/30seeds

As above, but this will be a mixture of hybrids between red and yellow species, resulting in all shades of colors in between. Self-seeds easily.

Globularia alypum 4€/30seeds

A classic Mediterranean shrub, this might not be the easiest thing to raise from seed (or cuttings) but the blue button like flowers in winter and spring make it most attractive in a summer dry garden.

Globularia salicina 4€/30seeds

Alright, this might not have the great flower impact that other Globularias have, as the small light purple flowers are too small and hidden between the foliage, but after 3 months of dry scorching heat it will have such fresh green foliage as it had forgotten itself in spring! From Macaronesia.

Globularia trichosantha 4€/30seeds

Amazing mat forming species with compact foliage that stays close to the ground and short stems that terminate in blue flowers. Amazingly drought tolerant.

Gossypium thurberi  5€/10seeds   SOLD OUT

The Wild Cotton from Arizona is a medium sized deciduous shrub with palmate leaves and lots of white flowers that turn pink as they age. As its cotton cousin, germnination is easy in spring when the temperatures are warm enough. 

Haplopappus glutinosus 3.5€/20seeds

When I first added this to the dry garden, I didn’t had high hopes, but it turned to be a really tough mat forming shrub that enjoys summer drought looking really good. It flowers in spring with yellow daisy like flowers.

Hedysarum boreale 3€/20seeds

Commonly known as the Utah sweetvetch, this small perennial will cover itself in bright pink flowers when the plant matures. Beautiful in a rockery, as it enjoys a cool root run. Cold stratification needed for germination.

Helichryshum stoechas 3€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Similar to the above but with green leaves and smaller flowers.

Helleborus argutifolius 4€/20seeds

A hellebore for a more Mediterranean climate, this beauty from Corsica and Sardinia will provide evergreen foliage and big lime green flowers in a semi shady spot. Limited, if any, summer water.

Hermannia coccocarpa 4€/20seeds

A south African curiosity, this Malvaceae member has trailing stems that produce for a long time small hanging pink flowers. 

Hermannia saccifera 4€/20seeds

I love all Hermannias but this must be the easiest and most rewarding of all species. Leathery leaves cover the stems of his subshrubby trailing species and the whole plant is covered with yellow lantern like flowers in spring, like small Abutilon flowers! Very easy to grow, very drought tolerant, easy to germinate, and will crete big mats in time. A must for the dry garden.

Hesperaloe funifera  4€/10seeds

It doesn't get better than the Hesperaloes when it comes to a summerdry or desert garden. Thin leathery leaves from which rise huge branching stems (in this species) of white flowers that keep on appearing for several months. An architectural point when fully grown. I like to sow Hesperaloes in early summer, as they love heat to germinate. Use a free draining sandy soil and let soil dry between waterings. They germinate within 10 days usually. Do not overwater when young because they could rot in permanently damp soil. In their second year they can adapt to more watering. 

Hesperoyucca whipplei  3.5€/10seeds

Anyone who has been in southern California when these are in flower all over the hills and mountains will want to grow them. Urchin like rosettes that grow slowly until one day (after a few years) they decide to transform into a huge flowering yucca like stem with hundreds of creme flowers. Use the same sowing method as for Hesperaloes. I like to sow them in early summer, as they love heat to germinate. Use a free draining sandy soil and let soil dry between waterings. They germinate within 10 days usually. Do not overwater when young because they could rot in permanently damp soil. In their second year they can adapt to more watering. 

Heteromeles arbutifolia 3.50/20 seeds

A most useful shrub or small tree for the dry garden. It will look pleasant and fresh all summer long, with its Arbutus like leaves and upright stature, and in autumn and winter it will be covered with its decorative berries. Perfect for hedges as well.

Heuchera maxima 3.50€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

A drought tolerant Heuchera from California for dry shady situations (although it can take some sun as well), this is one of the giants in the genus with flowering stems rising to more than 50cm high.

Heuchera pulchella 4€/30seeds

A tiny gem for the rock garden, this running (just enough) perennial slowly creates small mats that send out short spikes of pink flowers. Drought tolerant.

Hibiscus trionum 3€/20seeds

Small lemon-yellow Hibiscus flowers with a dark center are born for a long time on this small species as long as it has a bit of summer water.

Holodiscus dumosus 4€/20seeds

When I first saw one in flower on a trip to the Sierra mountains in California there was a smile on my face for the whole day. What an incredible shrub! The common name oceanspray is exactly what you get! Waves of white flowers in branched spikes,dancing with the wind. Heat and drought tolerant when established. A long cold stratification is needed for germination.

Huibodria chilensis 4€/20seeds

From the Atacama desert, this peculiar member of the Loasaceae, forms a small, short living shrub with very sticky leaves and white flowers.

Huibodria fruticosa  4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Much longer lived than the one above, this forms sturdy shrubs with upright stems covered in silver leaves which provide a great contrast for the white flowers.

Hymenoxys (Tetraneuris) acaulis  4€/20seeds

A lovely small subshrubby perennial with great drought tolerance. From a small mound of dark green leaves rise big yellow daisies.  Easy from seed, start in early spring, no pretreament needed. 

Hymenoxys scaposa 3€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A beautiful small thing from western US, this has compact green foliage over which yellow daisies are born for a long time in spring and summer. Survives summer without water.

Hyoscyamus albus 3€/20seeds

A poisonous Mediterranean plant - well, don't try to eat it anyways - that has felty leaves and drooping yellow flowers in late spring and summer. Provide good drainage.

Hypericum balearicum 3.5€/20seeds

A small shrub from the Balearic Islands, with tiny golden edges leaves and many yellow flowers in spring. Keep it rounded by trimming. No summer water required.

Hypericum canariense  5€/20seeds

This is the giant amont Hypericums, as it develops into a big shrub to tall tree in its native land, the Canary Islands. Fast growing from seed, sow in spring. Not terribly excited about cold but it will take the few degrees of frost we have in the warmest parts of the Mediterranean.

Hypericum empetrifolium 4€/20seeds

A small shrub from the Mediterranean, with upright stems covered with thyme like leaves and short stems of intenste small yellow flowers in late spring. Very drought tolerant.

Hypericum montbretii 4€/20seeds

A beautiful perennial  Balkan species with a central rootstock from which grow radiating unbranched stems and terminate in big yellow flowers. Quite an architectural plant. It does better with some summer water and is very cold tolerant.

Hypericum triquertifolium 4€/20seeds

Of the few Mediterranean plants that will keep on flowering all summer long without water, because of its underground tuber.

Iberis gibraltarica 3€/20seeds

A light purple/pink small Iberis that doesn’t live for years but it will reseed itself in all the right (and wrong) spots but you’ll have to resist to the idea of letting all the seedling survive.

Iliamna rivularis 3.50€/20seeds

A relative of Sidalceas from western USA, but this is a much bigger plant. Tall stems with palmate leaves and long spikes of big baby pink flowers. Likes its feet wet, so best in a spot with regular garden watering and some shade. Scarification needed and because seeds are too small, do it by soaking them overnight in near boiling water.

Incarvillea arguta 3.5€/20seeds

A herbaceous perennial for a watered position with a long flowering season, I like to grow it as a companion plant for other plants as its stems like to radiate from its base into all different directions. 

Indigofera australis 5€/20seeds

Much as I like Asian Indigoferas, they don't really fit our Mediterranean climate. But this Australian cousin does indeed like heat, and will in fact withstand drought once established. Typical pinnate leaves and short spikes of pink flowers in spring, this species will grow as a big bush and produce cloud of pink flowers in time.  Soak seeds in near boiling water overnight before sowing. Pretty easy to grow thereafter. 

Inula verbascifolia 3€/20seeds

Attractive in leaf with its long hairy silver leaves with an added bonus of small yellow flowers in summer. Make sure you through a good bunch of gravel and rocks when you plant it in the garden as it needs sharp drainage.

Ipomopsis longiflora 4€/20seeds

Best grown as a biennial in Mediterranean climates, this is a multibranched plant that bears a profusion of white/pink flowers in spring.  Sow in situ directly in autumn.

Ipomopsis rubra  3€/20seeds

The Texas plume or Standing Cypress, is a great winter annual from southern United States that will happily reseed in your garden once established. The upright stems covered with intense red flower for a long period in late spring and summer add an architectural element wherever they are grown. Sown in situ in autumn as it will grow as big as possible if not disturbed withn transplanting. 

Iris spp. - Have a look at the bulb list for all Iris species. 

Jurinea consanguinea 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Now here’s a genus that every single member is worth growing. From low feathered foliage rise 2ft high very upright stems that terminate in big thistle like purple flowers in late spring. Needs good drainage and it can be short lived so remember to gather those seeds.

Jurinea mollis 4€/20seeds

Similar to the above but bigger in all parts. Equally worth growing.

Justicia candicans 4€/20seeds

This well mannered upright bush behaves well in either dry conditions or with regular summer irrigation. Forms very upright branches and it can get quite tall so I pinch it back once or twice every summer to reduce the hight and make branch more. The flowering season here is mainly autumn and spring.  Will do well in half shade too!

Kennedia beckxiana 5€/10seeds

A small climbing evergreen from southwestern Australia in the Mediterranean climate part of the country. It can twine onto a support or spred across the ground and the tomato red flowers with a yelow blotch look really beautiful among its trifoliate leaves. Can take drought. Soak seeds in near boiling water overnight before sowing. Don't pick your most alkaline spot in the garden as it will turn chlorotic.

Kennedia coccinea 5€/10seeds

Similar to the above but a much bigger plant that can create good groundcover or ramble on neighbouring bushes as it does in its native Australia. The flowers are somewhat smaller but each is coloured orange, yellow and pink in a beautiful combination. Flowers profusely. Soak seeds in near boiling water overnight before sowing.

Kennedia rubicunda 3.5€/10seeds

Similar to the Kennedias above in habit but the flowers are bigger and each one is red with a purple central blotch. Soak seeds overnight as for other species. 

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