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General Seeds P-Z

Phlomis monocephala

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Phlomis bovei subsp.maroccana
Phlomis x cytherea
Teucrium heterophyllum
Teucrium fruticans 'Quarzazate'
Teucrium divaricatum

General Seed List P-Z

Paeonia cambessedesii 6€/10seeds   SOLD OUT

Originating in the Balearic islands, this species has dark leaves with a silver/metallic sheen especially when young. It has adapted well in my gravel bed and is slowly reproducing itself by seeding around.


Paeonia corsica 6€/10seeds

Similar to the above but with darker leaves and flowers and also a little more robust and faster growing. The young leaves and stems are dark burgundy when they appear and they retain that colouring until the flowers are produced. A beautiful thing.

Paeonia tenuifolia var.lithophila 6€/20seeds

Feathery green leaves and big red flowers on this herbaceous peony. As all of them, it requires a lot of patience to grow into flowering size.

Pandorea pandorana ‘Golden Showers’ 3€/20seeds.

A Bignoniaceae fast growing climber that is covered in spring with small tubular flowers that are yellow with a pinkish tip. Magnificent when well grown.

Papaver argemone subsp. rubrotinctum 4€/100seeds

A smaller winter growing annual species with orange poppies with a big blotch of purple in the middle. Stunning when well grown. Don’t mix it with taller annual species as it needs the most sunlight it can get.

Papaver rhoeas 3€/100seeds

The classic red annual poppy that you find around Greece in spring – they do seem to be larger flowered than others but who knows!

Papaver somniferum peony flowered red 3€/100seeds

An old fashioned double red annual poppy, just sprinkle the seeds around the garden, and you’ll have it forever unless you weed it out in spring.

Papaver tauricola 4€/30seeds

An attractive medium sized poppy, with grey leaves and a multitude of upright stems topped with orange poppies. Needs good drainage.

Pavonia hastata 4€/20seeds

I am simply amazed but the free flowering habit of this shrubby species. With regular summer water it covers itself with white, dark centered flowers that make a great companion for Salvias almost all year long.

Pavonia praemorsa 4€/20seeds

A rounded shrub with light yellow flowers that performs equally great in a dry garden situation or at a regularly irrigated spot. Cut back to half during winter to maintain shape.

Pavonia spinifex 4€/20seed

I was reluctant to put it in the watered garden while it was still growing in pots where it didn’t do much, but once I did, it grew into a beautiful small shrub with an abundance of yellow flowers in late summer. Warmth and water are its friends.

Pelargonium cordifolium 4€/20seeds

A big shrubby species with upright stems and covered in spring with light purple flowers. Perfect for the summer dry garden, as it only requires a monthly watering to survive.

Penstemon clutei 4€/20seeds

A new species I am trying and it has proved to be a very successfull one in my summerdry garden and its calcaerous soil. Upright stems with grey leaves and pink flowers. Three years and keeps going, many other desert penstemons flower in their second year and then seem to exhaust themselves.

Penstemon cobaea 4€/20seeds

One of the largest flowered Penstemons, this small perennial has sturdy stems that end in short spikes of dreamy dark purple flowers. Requires a bit of summer water to look at its best. 

Penstemon eatonii 3.50€/20seeds

A very drought tolerant species with upright stems of tomato red drooping flowers in late winter and spring. 

Penstemon grandiflorus 3.50€/20seeds

Upright succulent stems and purple flowers on this xeric species.

Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmaeus 3.50€/30seeds

A short one for the gravel or rock garden, this creates mats of sphathulate leaves and short spikes of white and purple flowers. Slow but long lived in a well-drained situation.

Penstemon parryi 3.50€/20seeds

This is a favorite for its upright stems and airy purple flowers. Perfect for filling small spots in your xeric garden. 

Penstemon pseudospectabilis 3.50€/20seeds

Hundreds of magenta purple flowers all throughout spring and early summer but give this one space as it will attain a width of up to 1m.

Penstemon strictus 3.50€/20seeds

Neat basal foliage that forms little mats and upright stems 
loaded with blue flowers. Can exhaust itself from flowering.

Penstemon superbus pink form 3€/20seeds

I love this species for its grey foliage and the big vibrant light pink flowers.  Serious flower power but short lived. Nevertheless it reseeds freely.

Petromarula pinnata 5€/50seeds

One of the most beautiful endemics of Crete, very common in the island, the ‘rock lettuce’ as its name translates to, is a Campanula relative with a big rosette of pinnate leaves that explode in a profusion of stems with purple flowers, 2 to 4 years after sowing. Don’t give it any water in the summer and let it dry, as it will disappear underground only to emerge again with the first autumn rains.

Phagnalon graecum 3.50€/20seeds

A small shrub with grey foliage, small thistle like yellow flowers and beautiful dandelion type seed heads that literally cover it once flowering is finished. Easy and will reseed in any dry garden.

Phlomis aurea 4€/20seeds

I enjoy this species for its huge flowerheads of dark yellow flowers. Very drought tolerant and perfect for the dry garden. as all the Mediterranean species of Phlomis I list here. 

Phlomis bourgaei 4€/20seeds SOLD OUT 

A great looking Phlomis, not only for its whorls of yellow and orange flowers, but also for its golden, richly textured foliage. This is a mixture of both yellow and orange forms.

Phlomis bovei ssp. marocanna 4€/20seeds

A plant very similar in habit with Phlomis samia, but the very big light pink flowers really distinguish it. Very drought tolerant, as almost all Mediterranean Phlomis.

Phlomis caballeroi 4€/20seeds.

A smaller species with apple green foliage and light pink flowers. Like a miniature version of P.italica. 

Phlomis chimerae 5€/20seeds

A Turkish species forming a small rounded shrub with very round grey, almost white leaves and yellow flowers nestled within long, spiny bracts. The overall effect is quite outstanding. 


Phlomis cypria 5€/20seeds

A medium sized species from Cyprus, this has elongated leaves that are dark green, brownish stems and yellow flowers. Another great Phlomis, but aren't they all!

Phlomis (x) cytherea 4€/20seeds.

This cross between P. fruticosa and P. cretica found on the Island of Cythera south of the Peloponnese where both species occur together is in my opinion an excellent plant and better than both parents. Stays compact, rich grey foliage and intense yellow flowers. 

Phlomis fruticosa 3.5€/20seeds

The best known Jerusalem sage, this classic Mediterranean shrub adapts itself to a variety of situations so don’t be afraid to try it in tough situations. Beautiful yellow flowers in spring and foliage that changes colors during summer according to water availability.

Phlomis grandiflora 4€/20seeds

Grand in all its parts. Big green leaves and big golden flowerheads. It takes about three years to flower to grows bigger thereafter. Needs a dry summer rest as all Mediterranean Phlomis.

Phlomis italica 4€/20seeds

A fast growing big shrub with a suckering habit. Leaves and stems are covered in white wool and the combinationi with the baby pink flowers in late spring is to die for

Phlomis lanata 4€/20seeds

Many times, listed as P. cretica (which in fact is a different species more similar to P. fruticosa) this small very branched beauty has olive green leaves with a yellow ting and small whorls of yellow flowers. Forms small rounded shrubs and takes clipping to maintain its shape.

Phlomis leucophracta 5€/20seeds

I tend to call it the orange Phlomis but the truth is the flowers have more of a peach brown color. Equally attractive are its leaves, dark green above, golden brown below and line with a white line around. 

Phlomis longifolia 3.50€/20seeds

A very adaptable species forming big rounded shrubs that are very long lived (my original plant is now 10 years old and once in a while I prune it severely because it always sprouts well from the base. Greener leaves and takes summer watering well (not many shrubby Phlomis do in a hot summer Mediterranean climate).

Phlomis monocephala 4€/20seeds

I love this species for its silvery/golden foliage in summer, compact slow growing stature and yelllow flowers with a tint of pink in spring. 

Phlomis (x) ‘Orangette’ 4€/20seeds

A hybrid, but it does produce viable seed. One of the most amazing colors for Phlomis, having a clear orange ‘hood’ on each flower. 

Phlomis purpurea 4€/20seeds

Another pink Phlomis but much darker in colour than P.italica. Doesn't sucker as much and also has greener leaves. This particular one is completely summer deciduous if left without water during summer but retains its leaves if it has gravel mulch or gets watered monthly during the dry season.

Phlomis russeliana 4€/20seeds

A herbaceous perennial species from Turkey that can develop a woody base in time, but the foliage keeps low on the ground. The tall stems rise above in late spring and have big whorls of yellow flowers. Needs a bit of summer water and is one of the few species that enjoys part shade, as its natural habitat is forest edges. 

Phlomis viridis 3.50€/20seeds

A small shrubby species, with olive green leaves and bright yellow flowers in spring. Foliage stays fresh all summer long without any water.

Podocytisus caramanicus 4€/20seeds

A Balkan native upright growing broom with relatively big yellow flowers and decorative seedpods. Doesn't mind frosts and cold.

Potentilla aff. recta 3€/20seeds

I lost the tag a long time ago, but this Mediterranean species behaves very well in the watered garden with loads of yellow flowers in summer. Clump forming perennial. 

Prasium majus 4€/20seeds

A Lamiaceae shrub from the Mediterranean, with lots of white flowers in spring. Can go completely summer deciduous if kept completely dry in summer.

Prunella vulgaris 3€/30seeds.

Weedy if in the wrong position but useful in a dry shady situation where little else will grow. I wouldn´t plant it outside of its native range.

Pterocephalus multiflorus  4€/20seeds   SOLD OUT

From the eastern Mediterranean, a shrub with millions of small light pink flowers throughout spring and summer that develop into fluffy seedheads. The overall effect is quite pleasant.

Ptilostemon chamaepeuce subsp.chamaepeuce white form 4€/20seeds

A Mediterranean shrub that should be more widely used, this ‘low pine’ as the name suggests has needle leaves on a medium size shrub that form a mound and from which rise 1m flowering stems that end in white Centaurea like flowers. Very drought tolerant

Ptilostemon chamaepeuce subsp.cyprius 5€/20seeds

Smaller in all parts than subsp.chamaepeuce, with a more dense habit, greener leaves and dark pink flowers. 

Putoria calabrica 4€/20seeds

If you don’t care about the scent, which is only bad when you get too close, this is a very attractive ground covering mat forming shrub, with lots of pink flowers in spring followed by round berries that turn from red to black in the summer. Very drought tolerant and a plant that should be more widely grown. The most perfect small scale groundcover for a non irrigated exposed site.

Puya spp. Here is a selection of Puyas from seed. It sounds intimidating but they will germinate fast (surface sow and don't bury the seeds). Don't overwater once they appear because they can easily rot and also be extra careful about overwatering when you transplant the seedlings. If you manage to keep them alive for a year, then they are almost indestructible. 

Puya alpestris dark form 4€/30seeds

Puya chilensis 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Puya gilmartiniae 4€/30seeds

Puya spathacea 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Puya venusta 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Puya venusta albino form 4€/30seeds  SOLD OUT

Pycnanthemum muticum 3€/30seeds

As above but with interesting silver-grey bracts near the white flowers.

Ratibida columnifera red form 3€/50seeds

A western US prarie species, this short-livedperennial has clouds of brown red flowers for a long time in late spring and summer.

Ratibida pinnata 3€/30seeds

Short clumps of pinnate leaves that during summer they shoot their stems a meter up and produce yellow and black flowers. Very useful filling perennial and won’tcover your border with useless foliage.

Reseda alba 3€/20seeds

A classic Mediterranean winter annual that will flower for a long time in spring and early summer with its spikes of white flowers that are highly attractive to wildlife.

Rhus coriaria 4€/20seeds

What is culinary known as sumac in the eastern Mediterranean cuisine, this drought tolerant shrub has fresh green foliage and is widely adaptable. Grow your own sumac!

Rosa canina wild form 4€/20seeds

A Mediterranean staple as you travel across the countryside and mountains, forming big shrubs and producing copious amounts of light pink flowers followed by attractive red berries. 

Rosa heckeliana 4€/20seeds

A mat forming high elevation rose, with big pink flowers followed by big red rosehips in late summer and fall. You just need to find the right position in the garden to put it as it ideally loves scree conditions. Very cold tolerant.

Rumex vesicarius 4€/20seeds

An impressive annual or short-lived perennial, with fleshy spinach like leaves and inflated seedpods that develop pink and red colorations when stressed. Grow it on the dry side (or pure sand!) and let the sun bake it. 

Ruta chalepensis 4€/20seeds

Some people love the leaf scent, some hate it. The only sure thing is that it scares away bad energy and enemies as the Balkan myth has it. Easy to grow and should be kept dry in summer. Attracts swallotail butterflies and their attractive caterpillars that can devour whole plants in a few days, but they are forgiven because they are beautiful!

Saponaria cypria 4€/20seeds

An endemic from high mountains on Cyprus, this small perennial is a rock garden lover due to its small size and the need for good drainage. Big flowers – for such a small plant – that open in the evening and stay open till the next morning. Takes drought well.

Saponaria glutinosa 4€/20seeds

A tall perennial species and very sticky in all its parts, to the point that it can look like an insect cemetery in the garden. Love it!

Sarcopoterium spinosum 4€/20seeds

Iconic shrub of the Mediterranean, very spiny and almost leafless in the summer, but aesthetically it will remind you of your Greek island vacations each time you see it. Very attractive small fruit that turn from green to red to brown as they mature.

Satureja spicigera 3.5€/20seeds

Youll love this mat forming species as it can be used as a ground cover, providing fresh green scented foliage all summer long and covered with white flowers in early autumn. It is best cut back in winter when the new shoots start to emerge.

Satureja thymbra 4€/20seeds

A classic Mediterranean herb, similar in scent to true Oregano, this sometimes substitutes oregano in cooking in areas where true oregano doesn't occur naturally. A good looking small shrub as well, with hundreds of small pink flowers over a long time in spring.

Scabiosa anthemifolia 3.5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A South African Scabiosa, this will be good in either a watered border or a dry slope as it is very adaptable, but some water in summer will ensure it will flower for a longer time.

Scabiosa (Lomelosia) crenata ssp. dallaportae 4€/20seeds

There are quite a few really stunning scabiosas in Greece (especially those that were previously placed in the genus Lomelosia) and this is certainly one of them. Forming 5cm tall carpets of dissected leaves that are covered with pink scabious flowers on short stems and followed by attractive seed heads. You want more? It will flower all summer long without water. A must have for xeric gardeners.

Scabiosa (Lomelosia) cretica 3€/20seeds

Similar to Scabiosa hymettia with minor leaf and flower differences. But you got to have them all! This sounds like it comes from Crete but it is an Italian native species.

Scabiosa (Lomelosia) epirota 5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Found throughout gorges in the Balkans, this shrubby species has green leaves, and produces its purple flowers over a long time in spring through fall, especially if it has additional summer water. Cold tolerant.

Scabiosa farinosa 3.5€/20seeds

Creates a low dense growing shrub with dark green thick foliage above which rise small pink flowerheads. 

Scabiosa (Lomelosia) hymettia 3.50€/20seeds

An excellent xeric shrub, this mounding shrubby Scabiosa flowers in late spring and early summer which are followed by very ornamental seed heads that stay on the plant for a long time. Endemic to central Greece.

Scabiosa (Lomelosia) minoana shrubby form 4€/20seeds

Another of the ex Lomelosias, this Cretan species is taller than the above reaching a height of half a meter and spreads quite a bit. The flowering season is centered around late spring. Very drought tolerant. 

Scabiosa (Lomelosia) minoana mat forming 4€/20seeds

Similar in many aspects to the above, but on this variety the stems are trailing and can create extensive mats. 

Scabiosa ochroleuca 3.50€/20seeds

A long flowering low glaucous leaved perennial with creamy lemon flowers all summer and autumn long. Can take drought.

Scabiosa (Lomelosia) variifolia 5€/20seeds

A rare, taller shrubby species with flowers bluerrather than the typical purple of other shrubby Lomelosias, endemic to the Dodecanesse and Crete, this could prove a great ornamental shrub if cultivated.

Scrophularia vernalis 4€/30seeds

Looking more like a vegetable plant, however this is quite ornamental and it does well in shady conditions that are relatively dry in summer. 

Scutellaria altissima 3€/20seeds

A small upright perennial that flowers in late spring with cute spikes of blue and white flowers. In time makes good clumps and will self-sow so better in a ‘wild’ garden setting.

Scutellaria orientalis subsp. pinnatifida 4€/20seeds

I’m a sucker for Scutellarias, so I’ve added another three species this year – and hopefully more in the future. This mat forming species is good for screes, rockeries or slopes and will reward you with thousands of yellow flowers in late spring and early summer – or later if you live in a colder climate. 

Scutellaria rupestris 3.5€/20seeds

Quite different, this makes a central clump of parsley like leaves that explode in a cloud of stems shooting to all directions and carrying long necked, purple flowers all summer long,

Scutellaria salviifolia 4.5€/20seeds

A small mat forming species from a central rootstock, coming from Turkey, with a profusion of light-yellow flowers in late spring. Will look really precious in the right, well drained, ‘rocky’ position.

Scutellaria sieberi 4€/20seeds

Rather big for Scutellaria standards, this perennial species from the southern Aegean has big white flowers in late spring and can take semi shady positions in the dry garden better than many other Mediterranean plants. Self-seeds easily so keep an eye on it.

Scutellaria suffrutescens 4€/20seeds

Quite the star of the hardy scuts as the magenta red flowers distinguish it in a sea of blue and purple species. Very long lived and a heavy flowerer. 

Senecio (Roldana) petasites 3€/30seeds

Grown equally for its big felted leaves or big inflorescences of yellow daisies, this magnificent perennial does great in a semi shady spot and requires regular water. I like to prune it to the ground after flowering or otherwise it can grow huge.

Senna artemisioides 3€/20seeds

Well known xeric shrub but I enjoy its airy effect in the dry garden.  In flower for almost 6 months here in my dry garden, from December through May. Then followed by very decorative reddish brown seedpods. 

Seseli gummiferum 3.50€/20seeds

A very attractive and architectural Apiaceae that you can grow for the foliage alone. It is monocarpic and will form a small trunk after the 2nd or 3rd year before it decides to flower. Extremely drought tolerant.

Seseli rigidum 3.50€/20seeds

A Balkan species, much smaller than the above, with small ground hugging rosettes of grey leaves and 10-20cm branched flower stems of pink flowers. Great in a rockery.

Sideritis montana 3.30€/30seeds.

A Balkan and Anatolian species, this behaves as an annual or a short lived shrublet and the show of lime green calyces and bracts in spring make it a perfect backdrop for smaller plants in your xeric border.

Sideritis romana 3€/20seeds

A small annual species with white flowers in late spring and early summer. It self-seeds easily so I let it grow between other shrubs in the dry garden.

Sideritis romana ssp. purpurea 3€/20seeds

Similar to the above but with purple flowers and a more trailing habit. 

Sideritis tragoriganum 3€/20seeds

The ´goat oregano´ as the name suggests forms a nice 
rounded shrub that gets covered in spring with white and yellow flowers. Likes xeric situations.

Silene armeria mixed colors 3€/20seeds

A nice little annual that establish and reseeds easily. Just let it go wild in your garden.

Silene asterias 3€/20seeds

Quite a different species, this has low foliage but 1m tall rounded flower heads of a magenta /pink color.

Silene chalcedonica 3€/20seeds

Reaching 1m or more in height, this short-lived perennial has heads of intense fire red flowers. Great with ornamental grasses.

Silene gigantea 3€/20seeds

The giant of the genus forms beautiful dark green pinwheel rosettes sometimes up to 30cms wide which transform into 1-2m high flowering stems with dropping green flowers. Magical and airy.

Silene maritima 4€/20seeds

A mat forming species with unusually large flowers with inflated calyces. Good for a slope or a rock garden. Limited quantity.

Silene viscaria 3€/20seeds

A well-known smaller species, great for a sunny or semi shady situation with abundant pink flowers in spring.

Silene vulgaris 3€/20seeds

A common plant in the Mediterranean and I wonder why it is not planted in gardens more often, as the white flowers and the inflated calyces that follow, make it attractive over a long period. And if you’re tired of it, just cut the fresh spring shoots and eat them blanched like asparagus, a delicacy in many parts where it grows wild.

Sisyrinchium angustifolium 3.5€/20seeds

A classic blue-eyed grass, that is covered with flowers in spring. Doesn’t mind summer drought.

Smyrnium rotundifolium 3€/20seeds

A big Apiaceae for the dry garden, with an explosion of lime yellow flowers and bracts in the summer. Easily grown but take 2 or 3 years to flower.

Sophora secundiflora 5€/20seeds

Once you’ve seen and smelled a Texas mountain laurel, then you’ll definitely try to find and grow one. Pinnate leathery leaves and wisteria like, but shorter, spikes of purple flowers that smell of grapes with lilacs (to me). It takes a while to get them into decent flowering size, maybe 5 years or more, but it’s worth the effort. 


Spartium junceum 3€/20seeds

Sweetly scented yellow flowers on a huge broom (that can be kept short with pruning) on this very drought tolerant leafless shrub. 

Sphaeralcea ambigua mixed colors 4€/20seeds

A mixture of colors from pinks to oranges, on this tough western US native, that flowers profusely for many months and defies summer heat and drought.

Stachys canescens 3.50€/20seeds

Stachys is my passion in Lamiaceae after Salvias so you´ll find here a good selection of species, including quite a few of the Greek endemics. This particular species, endemic of the western Peloponnese, has dark green leaves and spikes of big white flowers. Its

chasmophytic habit indicate that it should have excellent drainage and has indeed perform excellent in my dry garden. 

Stachys cretica ssp. salviifolia 3€/20seeds

Similar to the above but a much bigger plant with rounder, bigger leaves. Flower stems reach a meter or so.

Stachys parolinii 3.50€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

An excellent plant for a semi shady situation, taking irrigation or no if you prefer and forms running clumps topped with lemon yellow flowers in spring.

Stachys spinosa 5€/20seeds

I love spiny Mediterranean rounded small shrubs and Stachys spinosa is definitely one of them. It actually looks like it is made up only from spines as the leaves are miniscule, but when the white flowers adorn them, it is rather marvelous! Extremely drought tolerant.

Stachys thirkei 4€/20seeds

A mat forming species that can forms a uniform groundcover of small fuzzy grey leaves and is topped in spring with short stems of purple flowers. 

Stachys viticina 3.50€/20seeds

Probably the tallest in the genus, this biennial giant has nice lamb’s ears foliage with a silver hue the first year and then it explodes in 2-3 meter stems that end in spikes of pink/whitish flowers. Keep it at the back of the border.

Staehelina petiolata 5€/10seeds

Big leathery leaves cloth the stems of this shrubby Cretan species and the pink thistle like flowers that top them in late spring make it look spectacular. Very drought tolerant.

Stevia viscida 4€/20seeds

For the irrigated garden (or the dry garden in a more northern climate), I originally collected this in Argentina a few years ago. Not as sweetly leafed as its well known cousin, but with attractive pink flowers and fluffy seedheads.

Stipa pennata 3.5€/20seeds

One of the greatest of Mediterranean grasses, as the long-hairedseeds dance in the wind in the summer. Best when backlit.

Styrax officinalis 5€/20seeds

A Mediterranean native shrub or small tree suitable for sunny or half shady situations. Looks great in s pring when the dangling white flowers adorn it's branches.

Tecoma smithii 3€/20seeds

A late flowering species, mainly in fall and winter in a Mediterranean climate with the occasional flower in the summer. Can be pruned back hard any time.

Tecoma stans var. angustata 3€/20seeds

A much finer form than regular T. stans with very thin leaves and smaller pure yellow flowers produces unstoppably spring through fall. A much smaller plant too, here reaching a max height of 2 meters.

Tecoma ´Sunrise´ 3€/20seeds

Propably the largest flowered of all the Tecomas I list here and with an unstoppable flowering season, spring to fall. Requires summer water to perform well.

Teucrium asiaticum 4€/20seeds

An endemic of the Balearic Islands, this small subshrub has aromatic green leaves and spikes of baby pink flowers in late spring. 

Teucrium betonicum 4€/20seeds

A big impressive Madeiran species with abundant leaves and purple flowers in spring. Very impressive and takes a while to believe it´s a Teucrium! Very drought tolerant but performs better with some summer water.

Teucrium brevifolium 5€/20seeds

One of my favorite Teucriums, this Mediterranean shrubby native, has light purple flowers from fall to spring. No water in summer or very little if you have to.

Teucrium chamaedrys 3.50€/20seeds

A ground covering species with tiny oak like leaves (the specific epithet in Greek means low oak) and pink flowers in late spring. Perfect for the xeric garden and takes some shade too.

Teucrium chamaedrys ‘Flocon de Neige’ 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

A white version of the above. 

Teucrium creticum 4€/20seeds.

Despite called creticum, this plant is not native to Crete but can be found in more eastern locations of the Mediterranean. Eventually can get very big (imagine a big T.fruticans) and the pink spring and summer flowers are produced in long spikes above the olive grey foliage. Spectacular for Mediterranean standards.

Teucrium divaricatum 3€/20seeds

Taller than the above with somewhat upright stems forming a small round bush covered in purple flowers in spring on this eastern Mediterranean species. 

Teucrium dunense 4€/20seeds.

In the T.polium complex and looking very similar to that species, but with greener leaves. Same mounding habit and drought tolerance.

Teucrium flavum 3€/20seeds

Another candidate for full sun or some shade this has light yellow flowers in spring. Survives with no summer water. 

Teucrium fruticans ‘Quarzazate’ 5€/20seeds

Possibly the best selection of the well-knownT.fruticans, for its silver leaves, compact habit and darkest purple flowers. Seems to come true from seed, as I don’t grow any other cultivars of this shrubby germander nearby.

Teucrium halacsyanum 4€/20seeds

Suited for Mediterranean crevice garden (us Mediterranean gardeners should make this the new trend for all these warmth loving chasmophytes from low elevations), this is mat forming species with dark green leaves and pink flowers in spring. Naturally drought tolerant.

Teucrium heterophyllum 4€/20seeds

Probably the only Teucrium with orange flowers, this Canarian species forms a rounded medium size shrub with whitish grey leaves. If only the flowers were not that hidden underneath the foliage. Very drought tolerant.

Teucrium hyrcanicum 3€/30seeds

An herbaceous perennial species dying to the ground in late fall and returning with upright stems and Veronica spicata like purple spikes. Makes a great display when massed. Self-seeds freely.

Teucrium lamiifolium 3.50€/20seeds

A small Turkish species for a semi shady dry position, this has white flowered spikes on 10cm stems.

Teucrium montanum 4€/20seeds

A carpet forming montane/alpine species with light yellow flowers in summer. Great for a gravel or rock garden.

Teucrium orientale 3.50€/20seeds

A small herbaceous perennial species that goes almost completely dormant in the summer but returns with short stems covered in big blue flowers. 

Teucrium polium subsp. capitatum 4€/20seeds

A classic herb in our area, this small shrubby has silver foliage which is pleasantly aromatic. In spring it is covered with small yellowish flowers. Cut back after flowering to keep it in shape.

Teucrium procerum 4€/20seeds

A suckering small perennial that in spring produces big white flowers over its hairy stems and leaves. Great mixed with other small Mediterranean plants and especially the similar but blue T.pseudochamaepitys.

Teucrium pseudochamaepitys 4€/20seeds

Another short herbaceous perennial going dormant in the summer but coming back with multiple stems of about 30cm covered with big white flowers.

Teucrium scorodonia 3€/20seeds

A taller species with spikes of lime green flowering contrasting the dark green leaves. 

Teucrium subspinosum 4€/20seeds

As its names suggest not very spiny, this species creates small rounded shrubs which are covered in purple flowers in spring. Beware, protect it from your cats, as they can destroy a mature plant in seconds as they are greatly attracted to it!

Thalictrum flavum 3€/20seeds

I enjoy using this plant in all my problematic spots, for its great adaptability, short foliage and tall stems of yellow flowers in early summer. Combines well with almost all other (taller) perennials.

Thapsia garganica  5€/20seeds

A big Mediterranean Apiaceae, especially abundant in Turkey, that resembles a shorter version of the giant Ferula, F.communis.  Takes a couple of seasons before it flowers.

Thermopsis lupinoides 4€/20seeds

A Baptisia like plant with yellow flowers during summer. It will need summer watering and it is very cold tolerant.

Thymbra spicata 4€/20seeds

A very aromatic small shrub from the Mediterranean, with spikes of purle flowers in summer. Extremely drought tolerant.

Thymus longiflorus 4€/20seeds   SOLD OUT

One of my favorite thyme species for the summer dry garden, this has a mat forming habit and some of the longest tubed flowers of dark pink in the genus.Tough and easy.

Tordylium apulum 3.5€/30seeds

No Mediterranean meadow should be without this beautiful winter growing annual species. Mix it with more colorful species to create a pleasing combination.

Trachelium caeruleum ‘Hamer Pandora’ 3€/50seeds

Similar to the beloved species, but with leaves with a purplish hue and darker flowers. Let it self-seed in your garden.

Trichodesmia zeylanicum 6€/10seeds

An upright woody perennial from the deserts of Western Australia. Like a huge Anchusa with oversized azure blue flowers. Extraordinary!


Tulbaghia comminsii x violacea 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

From a clumb of chives like leaves rise dozens of short stems topped with purple flowers. Lovely in a gravel bed. Like a miniature T.violacea.

Tulbaghia violacea var. maritima 4€/20seeds  SOLD OUT

Much smaller than your typical society garlic, this has greener leaves that tend to grow horizontally and thicker flowers of a darker pink color. Best with summer water but can survive without.

Umbilicus rupestris 4€/20seeds

A peruliar little Crassulaceae from the Mediterranean, with rounded leaves and upright green flower spikes. Looks great between rocks. It goes completely summer dormant. 

Urospermum dalechampii 3.5€/20seeds

I call it the Mediterranean Gerbera as it has a Gerbera like appearance with its big lemon-yellow flowers but on a drought tolerant Mediterranean shrub!

Verbascum arcturus 3.50€/50seeds

A Cretan endemic species growing as a chasmophyte all throughout the island and especially in the gorges. It was performed excellent in the dry border, although proving a bit shorter lived. 

Verbascum bombyciferum 3€/50seeds

A well-known species with very silver and felty leaves and impressive inflorescences with lemon yellow flowers.

Verbascum macrurum 3€/50seeds

A big golden leaved species with very upright flowering stems of dark yellow flowers in the summer. 

Verbascum speciosum subsp. megaphlomos 5€/30seeds

A giant in the genus, with the candelabra like spike rising to 3m if grown well.

Verbascum undulatum 5€/30seeds

A very attractive Verbascum, for its very undulated lobed grey leaves that form one of the most attractive rosettes in the genus. The big branched inflorescence of light-yellow flowers is not bad either! Very drought tolerant!

Verbena rigida 4€/20seeds

An ever flowering suckering herbaceous species, with purple flowers about which butterflies go crazy. Easy and colourful. 

Vernonia lindheimeri 4€/20seeds

Spectacular when mature, this silver leaved beauty forms upright bushes and shine white in sunlight and it really takes off when the purple flowers adorn the end of the branches in summer. Will benefit from weekly deep watering to grow and flower well.

Zinnia acerosa 5€/20seeds  SOLD OUT
This excellent little perennial is covered all throughout summer with white flowers without supplemental water. 

Ziziphora capitata 3€/20seeds

This small Lamiaceae annual is grown rather as a curiosity but it does look beautiful in a way with its tiny leaves and flowers.

Phlomis x 'Orangette'
Phlomis lanata
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